Monday, December 24, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

I must say it has been a busy December and not in the most ideal ways to be busy but such is life. I've also decided to condense all the craziness into 1 post rather than 4 separate ones.

We said goodbye to Evans grandmother, Ramona on Dec. 5th after several weeks with illness. To some it was sudden and a hard passing but for us who were with her locally, it seemed it took forever for Jesus to call her home when she was so willing to be back with her Paul and to no longer be so miserable and weak. I must admit, Evan and I felt a bit callous for not mourning or being grief stricken but I take to heart my final two conversations with her and the last time I saw her. She knew what she wanted, she was excited for the baby's upcoming arrival, she was happy, she was ready to go and she did not want people mopping around once she passed.

Thankful God allowed her to go her way.

We had 22 family members from OR, CO, UT, VA, AZ, GA, NY & TX all come in for the memorial. That's a lot of family on such short notice. I loved meeting so many new people, Avery loved the extra attention and getting to see some of Evans cousins who we typically see only once a year (if even that) was so great. Circumstances for the visit not so much, but the fun and laughter and family time was so refreshing. Jarrod and Sarah came in which was an added bonus since they will be here in less than 3 weeks for baby girls arrival.

Always hard to say goodbye to them.

On top of all this, Desi and Stella had flown in just days earlier. My sweet sister was more than accommodating with everything and ended up staying in Austin more than up here in Denton with us. I feel like we didn't get a good sister visit in but just having her here and getting to love on my sweet Stella Bella was worth the chaos.We definitely owe her a better Texas trip in the future.

My baby shower was moved a day later than planned for Ramona's memorial (yeah it was just a crazy week, let me tell ya). So Thankful for those that showed up and celebrated this sweet life with us. We got this girls wardrobe down for sure. I also forgot how tiny baby clothes are and how much Pink seems acceptable when it's for a baby. She got lots of purple which made me so happy too seeing as her colors are purple and gray. Now we just play the waiting game for her upcoming arrival (Which after Thursday, can be ANY DAY!!!)

I also failed to mention how even with ALL that listed above that took place within the same week we also put in a trip to L&D. Nothing major, just an infection they can not pinpoint that put me in preterm labor for a bit. Since the memorial and everything else happened suddenly, we missed our scheduled hospital tour so Evan and I joked that our trip to L&D was just a different type of tour. We liked the place, the nurses were very sweet and the room was roomy. so I'm good with it.

Now, it's Christmas Eve, we had a fun filled weekend with Evans aunt, uncle and cousins from GA. Plus a family date night to the Gaylord Texan. Looking forward to Christmas Eve service, opening our Avery gifts as tradition, enjoying some hot chocolate and preparing for this apparent "Snow event" forcasted for North Texas tomorrow and celebrating Jesus's Birthday with Avery by making a Birthday cake to enjoy with tomorrows Mexican style Christmas dinner. :)

I'll end with a few pictures of the past 3wks. Enjoy!!

Uncle Evan playing with Stella

Avery in her Kidzone Academy Christmas Program

All the family celebrating Oma.

Sarah, myself & Mom at my baby shower.

My sweet hostesses did so much!

Avery getting in some play time with uncle Jarrod.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

25 Days of Christmas.....

Okay, sue me I am totally in the Holiday spirit. (anyone liking the new layout?)

Yes, it was 80* yet again today in Texas where the weather is so not with the time of the year, however, there was mention of a nice cool down coming in next week which I'm hoping will last all month.  *fingers crossed*

SO, typically I would be complaining about how most stores and radio stations are already playing non-stop Christmas music, but not this year. This year I am LOVING it. With the tree and decor already up, a few presents wrapped and already under the tree, gift lists made and the calender filling up with events and things to do. (pregnancy allowing me to attend of course) I am getting so giddy about it all. Add in the extra excitement of our family going from 3-4 (plus the 2 kittos) possibly in less than a month...yeah. I'm a happy girl.

 A few pics of the Holiday cheer in our home....

So since I am in the Holiday spirit, I figured I'd share some of my FAVORITE Christmas songs. (I'm also wide awake so this'll help pass the time)

25 Days Of Christmas Play list (Hartfield Family Style)
Also in NO particular order & Many Thanks to YOUTUBE.....

1.) "Emmanuel" - Sleeperstar

2.) "Do You Hear What I Hear?" - Carrie Underwood

3.) "Hallelujah (Light Has Come) - BarlowGirl(I'm sriously addicted to this song right now!)

4.) "Linus & Lucy" or as we call it "The Snoopy Dance" Song.

5.) "The Chipmunk Song (Christmas don't be late)"

6.) "Wonderful Christmas Time" - Paul McCartney

7.) "Mary Did You Know" - Anyone but Kenny Rogers

8.) "It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas" - Bing Crosby

9.) "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" - Andy Williams

10.) "I'll Be Home For Christmas" - Michael Buble'
Seriously, forget YouTube, buy his Christmas album!

11.) "Believe" - Josh Groban

12.) "The Christmas Song' - Nat King Cole

13.) "White Christmas" - Frank Sinatra

14.) "Adore Him" - Kari Jobe

15.) "O little Town of Bethlehem" - Various

16.) "What Child Is This?" - Selah

17.) "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" - Various

18.) "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa" - Jackson 5

19.) "Baby, It's Cold Outside" - She & Him

20.) "Carol of the Bells" - Trans Siberian Orchestra

21.) "Breath of Heaven" - Amy Grant
(Although Amy Dixon, a sweet friend of mine does an INCREDIBLE version of this that I love way better)

22.) "Born is The King" - Hillsong

23.) "A Baby Changes Everything" - Faith Hill

24.) " I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas"

25.) "Carol of the bells, sing we now of Christmas" - Barlowgirl

Sunday, December 2, 2012



Already 3 days in too, craziness.

"Little Miss" will be here soon....I'm sorry, I meant SOON. I suddenly feel super unprepared and not ready since we have NOTHING ready. Although, after my baby shower coming up this weekend I'm sure I'll feel a little less freaked out when she has actual clothes to wear and diapers.  Evan and I have picked out her car seat/stroller and crib and will be purchasing said items at the beginning of next week.

Can I just say, since December is the Friday of months, why does it fly by so stinking fast and WHY does it have to be so BUSY.

My next 2wks look like a crazy persons schedule. Plus, I'm no longer allowed to drive due to my pregnancy, was on modified bed rest last week and got a nice painful shot in the rear to stop my body from trying to evict "Little Miss" early.

If I can just survive the next 16-23days, I'll be happy with whatever happens with her.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful: Day 30

Day 30-

I am Thankful to be given 30 days to reflect on just a minuscule amount of things I am Thankful for in my life.

I have truly been through a few rough years with Evan and our families but the past year and a half have shown just how truly Blessed we are. Through friends, loved ones, church family, small acts of grace and kindness. It's overwhelming at times.

So you can imagine how 30 days of trying to pick exactly what I am Thankful for hasn't been easy. I could go on and on about things I am Thankful for, people I am Thankful for, TRIALS I am Thankful for. Nothing is more rewarding to me than knowing I can never run out of things to be Thankful for.

Thankful: Day 29

Day 29-

I am THANKFUL for the man who has given me more in my life than I EVER knew I was worthy of.

 Who has made dreams realities, confidence bloom, who can make me laugh until I cry and cry until I laugh, who knows me so well, who has so many secret jokes that some may find our conversations weird, who has been by my side in some of the toughest times and saddest times of my life. Who keeps me accountable in my walk with Christ both as a woman and a parent, who rescued me from a rough upbringing and helped me prove not only to myself but to others that I am capable of letting go and proving people wrong simply by living life to the fullest and never looking back. EVERYTHING I dreamed of as a little girl.

My best friend, My Co-partner....The List is extensive.......

Evan Paul Hartfield. I love you more and more each day, even when you annoy me. You are the best husband a girl could pray for, the coolest dad a little girl can idolize. You work so hard to make your girls happy and lack for nothing, we are so proud of everything you do for us.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful: Day 24-28

Yeah another quick batch of Thankfuls to catch up, hey! at least I am actually sticking to it this time!

Day 24:
  I am Thankful for productivity. Trust me, it's not so easy when your 8m pregnant to stay up to date with holidays, events and the daily grind. It was far easier with Averys pregnancy because well, other than all the complications, hospital stays, etc. If I was tired, I simply went home and took a nap. If I didn't feel like cleaning, it was alright because nobody would drive to Fort Worth randomly and see the mess. This time around, I can't just drop everything and lay in bed because Avery simply won't allow it. :) I love this house so I take more pride in it so therefore, I clean it. Thanks to burst of energy and Averys enthusiasm I have managed to clean the house, her room, organize both, decorate for Christmas, wrap presents (which means I shopped ahead!) and have the house presentable for random company, which I love. And all BEFORE Dec. 1st. Now if only we were more prepared for Little Miss's upcoming arrival (seriously, we have NOTHING for her yet!).

Day 25:
 I am Thankful for my In-loves. They are by far above and beyond amazing. We had plans to make this past weekend all about the girls room getting ready and getting the house Baby ready but Evans truck broke down the night before. Which meant, we were down to 1 vehicle! Now we have 2 non-running vehicles in the car port and we're running out of time to get things in order for baby. Both his parents were at our house bright and early Saturday morning and spent all day working on vehicles, painting walls, decorating, cleaning and keeping Evan and I calm. So selfless and so in control when things seem scary. Sure, we didn't get what we planned done but we got a lot accomplished. So typical of them and the list of times they have just come to our rescue from financial help, advice, words of encouragement and wisdom, to random days of fun and overall family time. ENDLESS. I know some people find it weird how close I am to them, which is sad to me for the friends I have who can't stand their in-laws. I truly love mine and would be lost without them! How can your marriage work if a set of parents are not included or even liked. (I know there are some cases where it's not on the couple but the parents but still...) I've been beyond Blessed with the family I married into, never dreamed I'd have it so good.

Day 26:
 I am Thankful for my BLENDS. What's a blend? A Blend is a friend you've made through your Blog. Between this blog and my HLC blog (which has sadly been neglected in a horrible way) I have made several lasting friendships with some amazing women who I've never met face to face but can count on anytime! Some have turned into face to face meetings and fun trips. Love my sweet blends.

Day 27:
 I am Thankful for Netflix. Yes, we joined the bandwagon late in the game but man! LOVE IT! Avery can watch all her shows without interruption and those annoying and sometimes not kid appropriate commercials. Not too mention on my phone while we're in the car.

Day 28:
 I am Thankful for Bed rest. Yes, yet again I am on modified bed rest until our appt. tomorrow where I get a neat growth sono then another chat with the OB to see where we stand and what the next 2wks entail for us. I am not one of those who likes to be confined too long in the house or off their feet. However, I am listening to my OB, I am following my restrictions and as much as I hate it and am itching to be able to drive again or be on my feet for longer than walking to the bathroom and back to the couch or bed...I'm trying my best to see the positive in it. It forces me to slow down, see how amazing Evan is, and most importantly that the world isn't going to end if I don't do laundry for a few days or let the dishes pile up or even when I have to swallow my pride and ask for help from others.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thankful: Day 23

Day 23-

I'm thankful for SANITY.

As in NOT celebrating a ridiculous day such as "Black Friday". You people who fight for gifts, stay in lines for hours and make it a sport are rather perturbed.

I'll take staying home with family, decorating for the Holidays and eating leftovers anytime.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving.

Day 22-

I hope and pray you all had a Blessed day with Family and loved ones. It's sad to think we only choose one day to celebrate family and it's slowly over the years becoming more about Sports, Sales and skipping over to Christmas.

Slow down and take time to cherish these small family gathering, life is too short.

Here's to the next upcoming year and all the things to be Thankful for awaiting us.

Brittnye, Evan, Avery & "Little Miss"
(Gus & Paris too!)

Thankful: Day 21

Day 21-

This one has me all kinds of emotional just thinking about it and I saved it for closer to Thanksgiving for obvious reasons...

I am Thankful for the biggest Blessing of my life (about to be shared in the  top 3 category).

Miss Avery Claire Hartfield....

You are my greatest accomplishment in life sweet girl. in the last almost FOUR years you have changed me all for the better and shown me who I really am and what I am capable of. You have Blessed your daddy and me so much, we can't keep count anymore.

I am so Thankful for you. Your sweet spirit, your contagious laugh, your kindness to others and strength in the Lord is only a small part of what makes you truly amazing. I am so PROUD of you and will never be able to tell you enough how much I love you.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful: Days 15-20

So since I am behind yet again, I'm going to wrap up the last 5 days worth. Enjoy!

Day- 15
 I am Thankful for our home. I seriously love this place and with another baby coming soon we are going to be with a little less room than before but you know what....I refuse to move. I love this neighborhood, with our quiet cul-de-sac, sweet neighbors, and the oh so convenient park just behind us and of course being in Central Denton. We'll probably be here another 2yrs before the thought of moving comes up which in our 7yrs of being married will be the longest we have lived in one place!

Day- 16
I am Thankful for volunteering. It is something I have always had a heart for and this past year I have become very involved in the Denton Animal Shelter as well as the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation and have devoted over 175hrs to volunteering both at the shelter and area events for the animals.  I have fostered 4 litters of kittens and re-homed 3 amazing kittos who were living life on the streets. It may not seem like much to some but I know it makes a difference to the animals, the staff at the shelter and the new pet owners who find their new family members when they come to the shelter. So rewarding and hey, playing with cats and kittens is super calming. :)

Day 17-
 I am Thankful for Nesting. My house hasn't been this clean and organized since we moved in. Also to the makers of Fabreeze and Fabuloso.

Day 18-
I am Thankful for Disney movies and snuggles with Avery. Never gets old.

Day 19-
 I am Thankful for Facebook. Yes, it has it's annoying moments but it has helped me re-connect with some people who I would have no other way of finding without it. Not to mention staying in touch with family/friends who live out of state is nice!

Day 20-
I am Thankful for a savior who loves me no matter how often I fail him.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Thankful: Day 14

Day 14-

I am Thankful for the little things in life that make it all so wonderful..

Like today for instance, a typical no plans, no agenda Saturday. Evan went with his dad to help a church friend move into a new apartment so it was just Avery and I. I decided to bust out some cleaning and organizing to make way for Little Miss. Avery slept in which is rare but it gave me a relaxing and quiet morning to myself while I made muffins, drank coffee and listened to music. SO NICE!

Then later, her and I spent an hour outside sweeping leaves off the back and front patio, just enjoying sunshine and the cool weather. Before that we had a princess tea party while watching Alice in Wonderland.

Again, BLISS.

Just a multitude of little things today that have no lasting or lingering effect on our lives but that made today special.

It's the little things I tell ya.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful: Day 13

Day 13-

I am Thankful for Avery's teachers at Kidzone Academy. Ms. Stephanie & Ms. Kim.

These two amazing woman are such a Blessing to us and bring such joy out of Avery. She LOVES going to school and getting hugs from them. She comes home bursting with news from her day, singing songs and reciting her bible verses. She also does Spanish, gymnastics, music and chapel. They may not feel like they do much for the kids but they truly bring out the best. Averys never been this excited about school or learning and it's all because of these two sweet woman.

Thankful: Day 12

Day 12-

I am Thankful for the wonderful website known as Pinterest.

Seriously, am I the only one obsessed with pinning? I can spend a solid afternoon finding recipes, DIY and organizing tips for my home, plus if I ever need a's all there.
 Even Evan is a fan, he loves the meals I have made from my pins, the desserts too and Avery's Christmas and Birthday ideas are all from Pinterest. What did we do without it?! (I know a little lame, but I do love this site)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful: Day 11

Day 11-

I am Thankful for Music.

I doubt any other thing in the world can do as much for me as music does. It's such a wonderful therapy for whatever is going on in my life. There are past memories I can remember a song helping me get through an issue, a change in life, a special event, etc. Songs that can trigger those moments for me or songs that have helped heal wounds.

I've always been a huge fan of music so perhaps that's why. You can even search my blog and see where I've shared lyrics of a song for a situation or mood I was in.

Currently I am loving this song and hum it to Little Miss during my quiet time with her. (With Avery it was a song by Plumb)

Up & Up (Acoustic)
By: Reliant K

Yesterday was not quite what it could've been
As were most of all the days before
But I swear today, with every breath I'm breathing in
I'll be trying to make it so much more

'Cause it seems I get so hung up on the history of what's gone wrong
And the hope of a new day is sometimes hard to see
But I'm finally catching on to it, yeah, the past is just a conduit
And the light, there at the end is where I'll be

'Cause I'm on the up and up, I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up, given up on what I know I'm capable of
Yeah, I'm on the up and up and yeah, there's nothing left to prove
'Cause I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you
A better version of me for you

To be prosperous would not require much of me
You see, contentment is the one thing it entails
To be content with where I am and getting where I need to be
And moving past the past where I have failed

But I'm finally catching on to it and yeah, the past is just a conduit
And the light, there at the end is where I'll be

Oh, 'cause I'm on the up and up, I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up, given up on what I know I'm capable of
Yeah, I'm on the up and up and yeah, there's nothing left to prove
'Cause I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you
A better version of me for you

Never cease to supply me with what I need for a good life
So when I'm down, I'll hold my head up high
'Cause you're the reason why, yeah, you're why

I'm on the up and up, I'm on the up and up
And I haven't given up, given up on what I know I'm capable of
Yeah, I'm on the up and up, so yeah, there's nothing left to prove
'Cause I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you
I'm just trying to be a better version of me for you

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful: Day 10

Day 10-

I am Thankful for "Little Miss" and this pregnancy.

When Evan and I decided to try for baby #2 I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, I've been through pregnancies before and we went through all the testing and what not to just make sure it may not be fertility issues or me or him to blame for past miscarriages and all the complications we had with Avery's pregnancy. Her pregnancy and how hard it was on me is the main reason we waited as long as we did.

With Little Miss, I have had zero complications and pretty much, a perfect pregnancy! I had morning sickness (new for me) and all the symptoms that I really didn't get with Avery in the 1st trimester. It's just been a huge blessing for us as a family and the closer we get to her arrival the more I clearly see that.

It's still as precious to me as it was with Avery, feeling this tiny miracle grow inside me. The nudges, the kicks, the punches and hiccups...all still fill me with joy and awe and the occasional groan when I just want to sleep or get comfy but her antics disrupt that. I enjoy getting bigger and bigger, which I know is odd to say but I wasn't this big with Avery and yet I felt more confidence in myself and my body when I was pregnant with her and it's the same this time around too.

This perfect baby girl being knit together and growing strong in me is just a blessing. To know God made her just for us is so amazing. The plans, the dreams and the completeness I feel when I think of her arrival and welcome into our family. All seems just right.

I must say just seeing how her arrival into our lives is already changing Avery is sweet too. She is so thrilled to be a big sister and gets overjoyed when we talk about her, when she does her nigh-night routine and hugs and kisses and blows bubbles on my belly, or when she sees and feels baby sister kick and move or even when she gets rowdy and tickles and talks to my belly and laughs hysterically when little sister reacts (which she does!).

I'm so loving these special memories and intimate moments with my girls. I can't imagine how much better they will be when she's actually here and we're able to touch and kiss and watch her grow with us.

Thankful: Day 9

Day 9-

I'm Thankful for weekends and how they allow us to catch up with family, friends and yes, even housework.

Thankful: Day 8

I know, I'm a bit behind yet again, here's hoping I can get this all caught up tonight. :)

Day 8-

I am Thankful for my sister, Desi.

Even though she lives all the way up in the mountains of North Carolina while I am in the great state of Texas, we do our best to pester each other at least once a week by FB, txt or an actual phone call when our kids or her phone allows enough quiet time to catch up. (I currently have an unheard voicemail on my phone from her from like a day ago, I know I fail at calling people back)

For those unaware, Desi and I didn't grow up together. In fact, we only met each other in 2006! After a 2yr search for her with my siblings. Even though we've only been reconnected  6yrs you would never guess we've been apart. Other than looking alike, sounding alike and our personalities being the perfect blend of all the other siblings in our crazy 5 count it just works. As far as little sisters go, shes pretty awesome and she doesn't make me want to go crazy. We only get to see each other once or twice a year and I'm hoping she's here next month for a short visit before I have her 2nd niece.

I love her so much and am super proud of her. Yes, she annoys me from time to time. Yes, we argue and nit pick each other but hey, we're sisters and unlike other situations in our family....we're always there for one another no matter how annoyed or how much we shake our heads at each other.

Now if only I could get her to move to Texas with my adorable niece....

I love you Desi, I hope you know that. I'm so Thankful I never stopped looking for you and that you were open to being a part of this disfunctional family we were given. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful: Day 7

Day 7.

I am Thankful friendships.

Both the good and the bad, the old and the new, the lasting ones and ones that have faded over time.

Evan and I have some amazing friends in our lives who we honestly consider family. I wouldn't trade them for the world and honestly, would be here all night if I went into detail about them as individuals, couples and their lasting impact on our lives.

We are so Blessed.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful: Day 6

Day 6-

Today I am VERY Thankful for this amazing Godsend......

                                          Best Mother-in-Love/ Mother/ Nina & Best Friend.

I love Nan so much and she is such an amazing woman of God. She gets me, she makes me laugh, she cheers me up and she always knows what to say when I need someone to listen to me. She is beyond selfless, creative, funny and can cook like a champ. Her worth is priceless. Love our girl times together and having her in my corner. Don't know what I would do without her in my life.

Happy Birthday, Banana!!


Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful: Day 5

Day 5-

I'm Thankful for naps.

Yes, naps.

Wonderful, wonderful naps.

I wish Avery still took them, from time to time she does but they don't last long and are far and few in between. Being almost 30wks pregnant I hardly get a full nights sleep and lately, the couch is far more comfy than our bed so getting an hour-2hour nap in is so amazing to me.

Honestly, a 20min nap is enough for me these days.

Why do we as kids fight them so much? If we only knew then what we do now, right?

So yes, I am so Thankful for naps.

Thankful: Day 4

Day 4-

I'm Thankful for our Church family.

We have always been Blessed in this way from MSBC to now Gracepointe. Even with the church merger and life happening and people moving away or going elsewhere we have made some of the best friendships and relationships through our church families. We have an army of love from them and in times of need they have come through for us in ways we can never fully repay them for.

We love our church, our pastor, our small group. We love watching Avery go to school there and the friendships she's making. Before she was even born and the Children's building wasn't even up and running I doubt we knew just what exactly it would mean to us and our family in so many ways. Avery has been there in the MDO/ Kidzone program since birth, I've worked there for 3yrs...just so much for us to process and be Thankful for from just the Children's building, the ministry alone.

Seriously, I don't even know where to begin the more I sit here and think of all the amazing people we have in our lives just from our Church family.

So Thankful for them, for Gracepointe Church, for Pastor Dave and his love and passion for the written word and for his fellowship.

Thankful Day 3

This weekend kept me busy so I'm playing a bit of catch-up. :)

Day 3- I'm Thankful for these two.

Yep, my fur babies. Paris (top) & Gus.

I know, cue the whole, "Seriously, her cats?!" I get it. There are sadly, people out there in the world who don't like animals or cats or have ever had animals and they miss out on so much.

We rescued Paris the summer before we were married. I nursed her back to health and she soon became our little family. Then we got married, she gained weight and was lonely being all alone all day while we worked/went to school, so for my 21st birthday Evan brought home Gus. They both have been with us in EVERY phase of our marriage. Through the good, the bad, the scary, the funny and the huge changes and little changes.

They don't judge us, they are never not available and their personalities are so polar opposite that it's funny to watch them just be with each other. I seriously, don't know what I would do without them.

So I am THANKFUL for our sweet kittos. For their endless love, annoying habits, snuggles, snores and overall completeness to our growing family. It just wouldn't be the same without them.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful: Day 2

Day 2- I'm Thankful for bad parenting.

I know, I know. Some of you are sitting there re-reading that and going "Say wha?!" but hear me out....

My past is no secret, my family life is no secret and my struggles with acceptance and family drama is especially no secret. I spent so much of my life being bitter, angry, discouraged and often times just rebellious until I got married and then things started changing for me.

Now that I'm a mom and wife and have been shown what a real family is with my amazing in-loves I no longer have all these painful feelings or fears I struggled with. I've cut ties with the majority of my family simply because they will never be alright with me NOT being part of the drama and cycle they seemingly love to stay in, not too mention my overwhelming need to mother or help out or give advice always seemed to backfire and I seemed to forever be to blame for everything when all I did was try to help. I thought it would be hard but in reality, I have NEVER been as happy, positive or motivated or just relieved or accepting of who I am as I have been in the last year. It's amazing and it clearly shows in me on the inside and out.

So yes, I am THANKFUL for Bad Parenting. To my birth parents who just couldn't get it right and made poor choices repeatedly which in the end resulted in their children being separated and lives being more difficult than most. I am Thankful. I'm Thankful for the harsh upbringing, the struggles and all. It helped me become who I am today, it instilled such a fear in me to stay on the right path( not that I always followed it), fight for what I wanted in and for my life and to not settle on being what so many assumed I would be simply because of who my birth parents were. Without their mistakes I doubt my life would be as blessed as it is now, I doubt I'd be as great of a mom as I am if I didn't strive to be the mother I wish I had growing up. I wouldn't have married the most amazing man whose faith in me even when I was broken has restored so much and has made me strong. I just have so much to Thank them for rather than blame them for, I wasted too much of my life thinking the opposite.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful: Day 1.

Day 1:

I am THANKFUL for Health.

Not just my health, but the health of my family. So many people take it for granted until something happens. This year alone we have witnessed 3 sweet families deal with cancer in their precious children all under 3yrs old.  As a mom, I can only hold them in prayer and selfishly thank God for keeping Avery happy and healthy.

We've seen small colds, bad allergies and even Evans dad being diagnosed with diabetes. With the one and so far ONLY issue this pregnancy being Gestational Diabetes I must say we are thankful for health, for being healthy and for Evans job giving us the health insurance to cover the costs in case we ever need a doctor.

So many people do not have this, so many people have had trials with their health this year or struggle with medicines, disease, cancer, not being able to afford health care or just poor health in general. So many of us oftentimes take it for granted.


It's here, it's here!

November. The time of year where FALL officially comes to life in Texas, Thanksgiving arrives and the shopping and countdown to Christmas begins. I must say it saddens me how stores try to rush the holidays on us. Halloween is less than a day past and yet most stores have had Christmas decor/gifts/themes/etc. out for weeks now!!!

Slow down people.

Don't even get me started on how commercialized Christmas has become either, people forget far to easily what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is and why we celebrate it.

I woke up this morning just excited about November. I have no real reason why, it just lifted my spirit. I think the realization that the end of the year and holidays and so many events are fast approaching just makes "Little Miss's" arrival more real for me. As I said before, there are so many changes happening for us and we are so excited about them.(Such As)

  1. Family pictures/ Avery's school pictures.
  2. Avery's Thanksgiving feast at School.
  3. Starting on the girls room.
  4. Thanksgiving. (super low-key this year)
  5. Avery's Birthday pics.
  6. My Baby Shower.
  7. Avery's 4th Birthday.
  8. Christmas
  9. Our 7th Anniversary.
  10. NYE
  11. Jarrod & Sarah's visit.
  12. Little Miss's arrival.
All within the next 79 DAYS!

Also, in an attempt to blog more and not drive FB people crazy, I will be doing my DAILY November Thankful post. Rather than waiting for the end of the month I plan on taking a few moments a day to blog about something I am truly Thankful for this year.

Can YOU think of a few things you are Thankful for this year? Anything you are looking forward to in the coming days/weeks?

-Britt & Co.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Things are about to change around here....

I feel like I am repeating myself a lot and sounding more and more like a broken record. Time is just rushing by it seems and this pregnancy has been proof of just that! It's already the end of October! Weren't we all just talking about the end of summer and school starting again?!

Life is still blissfully busy yet mundane for the Hartfield house. We are getting geared up to start organizing and redoing a lot of the house to welcome Little Miss come January. Hard to believe I am already 6m into this pregnancy. Avery is getting excited about being a big sister and has had her ups and downs with dealing with the reality that she is about to share the spotlight. I knew it would happen, I've prayed about it and have tried my best to just reassure her that she is still my girl and she is still loved by everyone. Some days are good, others are a trial. Bless her sweet heart.

Since the girls are sharing a room I have been in full on decorating and envisioning mode. Between Nan and I though, this is going to be so fun and Avery will have more room to play and still have her own space while Little Miss has her side too. I think that since she will be in our room the first several months that Avery will get used to the transition and will probably throw a fit that her baby sister isn't in her bed and is in her bassinet all the time. Anything to make it easier for everyone. I'm secretly starting to panic about being a mom of 2!!

I feel very huge but I know I'm not. Other than having gestational diabetes, this pregnancy has been AMAZING and I am loving it. Little Miss is a mover and a kicker and getting to share those kicks with Avery has given me such sweet memories. Avery is all about her sister, and loves to kiss her and blow bubbles on her and make her kick her hand and talks to her about her day at school to her fave cartoons to laying down the rules once baby sister "comes out to play with me". Let's hope it stays that way well into the teen years.

Other than pregnancy, getting ready to start getting ready for another little one, Avery and her school and Evan busy with is just life and I don't have much to report on. Avery is going to be a Princess for Halloween and last night we carved pumpkins. No trick or treating as I just don't feel safe with her doing that let alone she's 3 and doesn't need all that candy so she will wear her costume for school and our Church's trunk or treat. Nina and Pawpa may be taking her to the Malloween next Saturday but they may have a better plan of spending their time together. :)

I'll end with a few pictures of life lately.

Until next time,
Feeding her piggy bank...

Can you believe she will be 4 soon!?

Decorating her Pumpkin.

She touched the inside of the pumpkin then told Evan it was icky and she couldn't help him with it because she was a girl. He made her Hello Kitty pumpkin from her shirt and she was sooooo happy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11yrs later....

I honestly had no intention of blogging about today. Yes, I'm well aware it's Patriot Day and as an American who was alive on September 11, 2001 I still have a very, VERY vivid account of my life that day and the following weeks after the attacks on our country. I know I have posted throughout the years about it, I know I've shared  feelings, thoughts and emotions about it but tonight, it shifted for me. Tonight it was brought back anew for me and I had to have a conversation about it I really wish I didn't have to.

I got caught up in the news on CNN and flipped to another channel which happened to be the history channel, not thinking much about the time I watched coverage of the events of 9/11 and listening to peoples accounts of that day.  As I went to get a tissue since I was crying I realized Avery had left her bed at some point and was leaning against the couch watching the TV.....

My sweet 3yr old was watching the first building fall with big wide eyes and then looked at me as I stood there crying and just said "Mommy! What happened!"

What do you say? How do you respond? How do you explain something so horrible and so life altering for millions of people to a 3yr old?!

So I grabbed a tissue, put the TV on mute and sat her beside me as she wiped my face and kept asking if I was okay. I literally didn't know how to have the conversation with Avery, I didn't want to. I know it's important, I know it's history for her but she's 3!!!

So I just started with "Mommys okay, just sad at watching the TV show what happened when mommy and daddy were in high school, it happened 11yrs ago, before you were born." She grasped that part easy enough and just said "What happened?" So I continued with "well, some bad men did something terrible in NYC and in Pennsylvania, they took over some planes and flew them into some important buildings and a lot of people got hurt and went to heaven that day."

"Why they do that mommy?"

Why indeed! I sat there trying to figure out how to answer this and just tried to sort out what I felt and what many Americans felt, we still have soldiers over there fighting because of these events!

"Baby, some people have hard hearts towards our country because they don't understand our freedoms, you know what freedoms are? Like how you get to go to school, go to church, college some day...other countries don't get to do these things. Mommy can't tell you why they did this but it happened and it hurt a lot of people and now we have soldiers fighting on the other side of the world to make sure we stay safe."

She sat with me for a bit, wiped my face then just said "That's so sad mommy, but we have good people still"

I didn't really say much to that,just smiled and asked if she had any other questions or if she wanted to talk about it anymore. "It happened?" "Yes baby, way before you were born" "You and daddy saw it?" "Yes baby, we were in high school." "It made you sad?" "Still does." "Okay mommy."

As a parent you have a few moments where certain topics get brought up and you prepare for them, like  death, puberty, driving, high school, graduation, first heartbreak, first lost friendships, etc....but having to explain terrorist attacks on your country past or present or war or things of that nature...I wasn't aware of!

I wish I could protect her sweet innocence longer, I wish she wasn't so keen on things but I also know she can handle these facts of life because of her personality and because of her sweet nurturing nature. I know she will ask questions if she feels like it and I also know she won't let it haunt her. I just wish I knew the magic words, I fear of failing her in understanding why things happen and in this day and age it's just sickening to know what some people are capable of doing to strangers.

I still, 11 years later, cry over scenes and stories of 9/11. I still get a little angry, I'm still confused. I'm also proud of our country, proud of the soldiers who fight willingly, proud of those who enlisted shortly after, proud of the victims families who still have pride in their hearts and never let their loved ones be forgotten.

Friday, September 7, 2012

September Already!? :)

I feel like such a broken record with my poor blog. I could have sworn I updated a few times in August but apparently I didn't! Same with my HLC blog which I'm starting to wonder was worth all the hype but I know it's just the pregnancy and summer-ness getting to me on that end.

SO much to catch up on and I warn you now you oh-so-AMAZING reader, I've got much to update and just pour out about. Maybe need to hash things out in a 2-parter and just keep this entry as simple as possible.

Life at the Hartfield casa seems to finally be slowing down after a busy summer. We just got back from a weekend trip with Evans parents (always and I mean ALWAYS fun being with those two amazing people!). Avery started school this week too which means new routine and schedule and not too mention a little free time for mommy and daddy.

Check out my big girl!!!
She is Blessed with two awesome teachers this year and I just can not tell you how EXCITED Evan and I are that she gets to have this experience. She really loves her school and the 1st week is done and she already has made new friends! She's also ridiculously taller than her classmates.....

We had 2 more foster litters come and go and we even got our sweet mama kitty, Layla adopted! I know it sounds dumb but after having her be at our fence, deck and slowy into our home after 2 years, I kinda didn't expect her to get adopted and she was adopted just 2hrs after I took her to the shelter!! When I was notified about her adoption, I sobbed. I'm talking...wailed! Boo-hooed and did the full blown ugly cry. I loved her and was so used to her ALWAYS being with us even though she really wasn't ours. After the last kitten was gone it took me 3 days to realize I wasn't hearing kittens or needing to get up and feed them. Paris and Gus are sure happy and Evan has asked that I not bring home anymore Little's until after our own new little arrives. :)

Speaking of our Little.....
IT'S A GIRL!!!!!

We are having ANOTHER girl! We found out 2wks ago and are super excited. For now she is referred to as "Little Miss" since we are not sharing her name until she is born. (I told 2 friends on accident and Evan told his parents so now we are being VERY strict with this rule!) Sadly, this is the best sono pic I have so far but I have my anatomy scan on Tuesday so hopefully I will get a better pic to share.

I'm 21wks today! Crazy to think we are already half way there! I started feeling her at 16wks but as of last week she has decided to let me know EVERY move she makes! With Avery it was a few stretches in my ribs and hiccups but this one....she's a roly poly!! Usually around 7am and 10pm she is most active and I am loving every second of it. I'll get a 20wks picture uploaded soon and show my 14wk/16wk & 20wk belly shots. :)

So far we know she has her daddy's booty, chin and profile, just like Avery did. She is super long and has little feet.

I'm finally getting the reality of it I think. I've been telling people how weird it is for me to be so lax about EVERYTHING with this pregnancy but once we found out SHE was a SHE I started planning and thinking and list making. Evan and I went to Babies R Us and started a registry, we've got her and Averys room laid out so I know where to start from there. I just wish I could narrow things down and stop being so indecisive. SO much has changed on the market since we had Avery and we both feel weird about asking people to buy Little Miss gifts for her shower which.....hasn't even been planned or talked about and I'm not even sure if I'm having one.

Her colors are Gray and Lilac with no theme for her nursery. I'm just going for colors and patterns. Super Hartfield, I know. ;)

Alright, that should do for a sufficient update. I'll get belly pics and another update out and about before the weekend hits full throttle.

Thanks for sticking with me and my lazy, nonblogging self.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Incase you were unaware...106* it too hot!

Allow me to say the dumbest thing a Texan can say during the summer months.....IT IS HOT! Okay, well, hot is an understatement it is just down right oppressive and that's in the shade. *pregnant lady grumble*
I'm so THANKFUL for central air and ice water. Also the fact that my sweet daughter has no problem living like hermit and not seeing the sunlight with me as we do not leave the house unless we have too. I ran errands yesterday for 3hrs and when I got home, took a 2hr nap, it just zaps everything out of you. Didn't I just say recently how happy I was about getting my energy back now that I'm in the 2nd trimester?! Where did it go?

We had a great weekend, between a birthday party and a wedding on Saturday to church and celebrating dads birthday at the water park Sunday we were all asleep by 9pm Sunday night (unheard of in our home). I failed to get Avery's little cheeks so she got a tad burned and didn't like sitting on Monday :(. I forgot my face since I never get sunburned on my face but wow, yeah....lesson learned. The next few weekends are (dare I say it) EMPTY. No plans, no events other than church, just free time and with Evans schedule at work being wonky he is off Thurs-Tues which makes me so happy!

I must say I'm having weird issues with this pregnancy, nothing physical mind you but I am so beyond lax about it all. For the past week I haven't felt pregnant at all other than eating weird stuff and a rare but occasionally nudge from the baby. I have planned nothing, haven't thought about what needs to be done, NOTHING. With Avery, once I was 15wks I was in PANIC MODE. I freaked about not being prepared, I organized and planned and shopped and had it all figured out. The only thing I have really talked with Evan about is that if this baby is a girl, we will not move next spring, Avery and the baby can share a room. If it's a boy then we can move once our lease is up. Also colors for a nursery but that seems invalid because there is no nursery this time, the baby will share our room until we move or arrange Avery's room which will mean a new coat of paint, that's it. We decided we'll hang fabric on the wall for the corner the baby will occupy in our room. nothing fancy. Again, so NOT how I am!!!!

Maybe it will change once we find out what we're having in 3 weeks. :)

Other than that, life is still good. We have 5 foster kittens in our home who are so easy to care for. I'm loving all the cuddles and playfulness they have but they eat and then sleep for hours so it's pretty quiet for the most part. :) Heidi, Salsa, Pee-wee, Pancake & Squeaky (we didn't name them, they do fit though!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Update

Oh my poor, neglected blog!

I know I said I wasn't going to over indulge on this pregnancy but I didn't mean just stop blogging all together! This summer has been pretty busy, good busy but busy. I feel like I'm finally able to play catch up.

Evans job has been a little worrisome with production being down and layoffs being rumored but THANKFULLY he survived the first round of layoffs and even though the loss of production days is temporary, we've turned his short work weeks into lots of fun family time. Avery and I feel so spoiled getting daddy home 4 nights a week instead of just on the weekends. I will say it's been nice on my low energy days with this pregnancy because Evan is AMAZING with letting me nap or helping me out with house stuff or Avery's high energy. :)

Avery is growing like a weed! She is getting taller which is hard to believe since she's always been above average but this summer she has shot up 2 sizes in shoes alone! Her speech is very pronounced and her personality just explodes now that she can communicate so much better. I love her random comments or cutesy phrases. So hard to believe she'll be 4 in December! She's also finally conquered potty training!!! (Tee tee anyway) What did the trick? CHEVY. He visited us one weekend and used her princess potty and Avery did not like that!!! As soon as she saw him use HER potty, she decided it was hers and only hers and started using it the next day. Now she won't use her potty but the big potty. We're still hit or miss out in public but if we make sure she goes before we leave the house she doesn't have accidents and she gets so tickled when she wears her panties. Getting her 100% potty trained before Baby arrives was a worry for me but come delivery time I have no doubt she will be completely potty trained.
She's loving the summer time.
As for me and Baby? We are doing great. This pregnancy is by far easier than Avery's was, even with the horrible morning sickness and fatigue I am loving it. We are in the 2nd trimester now and in 3wks we find out if we're PINK or BLUE. I'm hoping for a boy this time but a part of me has a feeling this is another girl. Guess we will see, I swore Avery was a boy and all the old wives tales pointed to boy but she is ALL girl. No matter what God blesses us with we are just so elated to be having another baby. Avery is already an amazing big sister and she even picked the girls name we decided on. She loves to kiss and hug my belly and she talks to the baby daily. I'm feeling kicks now but nothing too big yet, Evan got to feel a few on Saturday while we were camping and at our OB appointment the baby kept kicking the doppler. I feel them especially at bedtime or very early morning when I'm laying still in bed. :) So ready for them to be felt by everyone, especially Avery.

                                                        Rocking the bump @14wks
 I'm also having cravings like crazy lately, the first month I barely ate much from being so sick and lost 6lbs. Then once I hit 9wks it was Mexican food every day, every meal, especially nachos! Now, not so much... This week it's been sweets, mainly pie. I blame our pie shop stop Sunday while heading home from our camping trip because now my freezer is stocked with this....
Pie anyone?!

Other than that we are all doing good. Enjoying family time, mini trips, pool time and staying cool in this Texas heat. I'm also doing a Woman's bible study at Church and am so glad to finally be doing more in our church, this transition into Gracepoint has been easier than I first thought which is weird since it's been almost 8months but I'm just now making time to be more involved like I was with MSBC. I love our church, our church family and I love watching Avery grow up in this atmosphere of believers. That's a whole other blog entry though. :)

                                                       Oh how I missed quiet times.

How about you my sweet readers? How are you doing? I feel so out of the blog loop and my HLC is beyond neglected as well, I must try to stay updated better and make time to write, it's so nice to have something to fall back on and to keep me accountable.

Love and Blessings,

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So unless you live on an isolated island with no cell phone service, or media outlet I'm pretty sure it's safe to say everyone knows of our exciting news.

Baby #2 is due in January!!!!

We are very excited. Avery is super thrilled and although she can't seem to make up her mind what she wants between a brother or sister she understands she's going to be a big sister and she is so happy. I'm doing good besides having every basic symptom this go round. We knew SUPER early on that we were expecting when I was dizzy and tired 24/7, got lost driving somewhere (I'm a human GPS) and when I was nauseous over anything with a scent. So far the morning sickness has stayed away for awhile but it comes and goes now which isn't as fun.

I guess I had it easy with Avery, I had zero symptoms until we were 18wks. Then it was complications and hospital stays every other week it seemed. Our prayer for this pregnancy is for it to be smooth and healthy with minimal issues. If we can make it past 35wks I'll be super excited too. So far other than a "chocolate cyst" we had to take care of we are doing good and everything is looking to stay that way.

I'm pretty sure this time we won't be so crazy with updates and pictures and mentioning every little move baby makes like we did with Avery. :) Here's hoping January gets here fast.

Feeling so Blessed,
Brittnye, Evan & Avery

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blueprints are in order.

Heh.. I almost forgot I had this blog. (I kid)

Think I'll need to revamp it's look before I give some updates...

Stay Tuned!


Friday, May 11, 2012

It's almost Summer time!

This summer is starting to look busy, and I am super excited about that.

Lots of weekend trips planned. Lake days, pool passes and more. Whoo hooooooo

Georgia in two weeks with Banana to visit Holly. So excited. It's always a great time just with Nan but you add Holly and we cause trouble. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Oregon/Washington Trip (long post)

Well, I've been back to reality for 3 whole days now and am finally able to blog about our vacation.

I just want to say off the bat that considering it was our first vacation with just the 3 of us, I didn't expect it to be as smooth as it went. Avery, who has NEVER flown before was a champ and was such a mellow traveler! No melt downs, no freak outs and oddly enough, she slept the majority of the travel time! (Thank you Jesus!)

DAY 1:
We were out the door to the airport at 4:45am to catch our 7am flight to Portland. Security was super easy and they let Avery keep her cuppy of chocolate milk after testing it (made me laugh). She was alert and bubbly carrying her princess suitcase behind her as we made our way to the terminal while I was freaking out over all my mental checklists. We had 1 suitcase with Evan and I's clothes and shoes, 1 suitcase of Averys clothes and things that was thankfully carry-on sized and then her backpack and a tote bag filled with everything you could think of to keep her entertained/distracted/content on the plane.

I totally didn't need to pack any of it. We boarded the plane when Evan started doing his freak out thing (he hates flying, no joke, like I doubt we fly ever again if we can drive to our destination). So I decided I would just leave him alone and focus on Avery who was not happy about having to have her seat belt on for take off. After a few tears and a bribe of gummy letters (at 7am, sure why not) she settled down as we approached the runway to take off. Apparently all the bumping and jostling was soothing to her because by the time we were in the air still over DFW this is what she looked like...
Yep. Head in my lap, blanket over her and snoring!
It was a 4 hour flight and she slept 3.5 hours of it!!!!! Seriously, I had to laugh about it and be thankful none of the hundreds of scenarios I imagined actually played out. It made me have a boring flight to be honest. I was so absorbed in making sure she was comfortable that I failed to pack anything for me to be occupied with. Evan slept off and on which helped his nerves. The flight attendants must have felt pity for me because they kept bringing me juice, cookies and a crossword puzzle all while being in awe of how good Avery was! She even got a pair of Alaskan Airlines wings she wore out of the plane. :)

These two crack me up so much, like father, like daughter....

I must also say that I am one of those window flyer's who just loves looking at the view, it's just so incredible to me how amazing everything looks from 35,000ft up!! Just so inspiring and relaxing.
X Marks the spot.

Anyways, we made it to Seattle where of course it was raining. We boarded our next plane which we had to walk out onto the runway to climb up a step ladder to board which was way cool! Avery was more excited that it was a pink plane (maroon really). It was a propeller plan and super little compared to other planes I've been on so Evan got to sit elsewhere while Avery and I were beside each other. 30min flight easy-peasy and Avery entertained everyone by singing the alphabet over and over in different versions.

We arrived in Portland and made our way to baggage claim where Jarrod was waiting for us. I wish I had gotten some pictures because I tell you it was super emotional for me watching her spot her Uncle Jarrod and take off at a run shouting his name while tons of people watched from security. She literally leaped into his arms and knocked him over she was so elated to see him. When we caught up and hugged Jarrod she turned and shouted "Look mommy, my uncle Jarrod!" and then proceeded to hold his hand and jabber about her being in an airplane. *heart melting all over again*

We got our bags and headed to Portland where Jarrod and Evan caught up a bit and all the giddy-ness and "We're really here!" bliss almost suffocated you in the car. We were a bit hungry and with the time change it was still too early for lunch so Jarrod took us to Slappy Cakes for brunch. WAY COOL PLACE just fyi. You pretty much buy batter and your own toppings and make pancakes on a griddle in the middle of your table. So fun! I got Lavender Honey and dried cherries, Jarrod got blueberries. So good. We had a fun time seeing who could make the better pancake. Then it went from that to making Avery mickey mouse and heart shaped pancakes and seeing which looked better.. (Again, I failed to take pictures)

After brunch we headed to Jarrod and Sarah's place where we got the tour, met the kitties and relaxed for a little bit deciding what to do. We finally decided to go check out a park and stopped at a store to buy a kite and a huge hello kitty bounce ball and bubbles and made our way to Laurelhurst area in Portland (I told Evan if he bought me a house there, I'd never complain) Long story short (since I have days left to cover) Jarrod took us to the wrong side, we walked around forever trying to find the play area, all the kids swarmed us due to being so awesome with our toys and then we went grocery shopping to make home made pizzas for dinner. Time change hit me and Avery hard and we both went to bed at 7:30 Portland time.

Day 2:
After a lazy morning we all packed into Sarah's car for a drive to the coast. Such a beautiful drive!!!! We ended up in Cannon Beach which was so amazing and Evan and I are thinking of doing a summer vacation there. It was close to raining so we ate lunch on the beach at Mo's which is known for their Clam Chowder. Their homemade bread was outstanding and melted in your mouth!! I had the chowder and it was amazing as well, so good and the view was amazing as well. Avery and I had never been to the ocean or beach so we were very excited. (I've been to Normandy Beach but I don't count that, it's a sacred place and very odd and calm and not the type of place you want to go swimming and strolling along). Anyway, after lunch we debated on walking along the beach but it started raining and Avery freaked out once we went down the barge because of how cold, windy  and wet she was getting, I also think the loud waves crashing scared her so we headed back to wait out the rain. The guys however, decided to get their feet wet since Jarrod said the water was super cold.

Headed to the Ocean!

Lunch at Mo's

Our view from our table.

Getting caught in the rain.

sooo windy!

So stinking cute.

Getting their toes wet.


After drying off a bit we drove to the actual town of Cannon Beach and walked around the shops. There is a candy store called Bruce's Candy Kitchen that Sarah and Jarrod wanted to go to for their Sea Salt Caramels (which were fantastic, yum!). The sun started to show so we walked back to the beach at the end of town where I got my turn to put my feet in the ocean and Avery wasn't so afraid since there was no wind and it was more calm then where we had been. The water wasn't that cold actually and I loved it!!

Soo much fun and it was so beautiful. We headed back to Portland where we took a side trip to the Japanese Rose Garden for the City view and walked around making fun of the names of the roses. We ate dinner at Burgerville which was a neat place that made it's mark by being all local and fresh and recycled and reused a lot of it's material (Something Portland is very big on!).

 Day 3:
We packed our bags and made the 3 hour drive to Seattle!! I had booked us a hotel in Bellvue which is on the other side of the Washington bridge which is maybe 15minutes away from Seattle. Once we got settled into our rooms we went to Seattle and had dinner at a Pizzeria called Bambinos which was pretty good. Service inhaled vigorously, won't lie there, but the pizza was different and prepared in a fire so it had a crisp taste with the fresh ingredients they used. After walking around the space needle a bit we headed back to Bellvue where we stocked up on snacks and rested for our day in Seattle.

Day 4:
We spent the majority of our time in the market which it being Saturday was super busy. I really liked Seattle, after the market and lunch on the pier we headed to the space needle before making the drive back to Portland.

 Once we got back to Portland we had dinner then went and grabbed donuts from voodoo doughnut a big hit in Portland. I wasn't too fond of them but I don't really go for donuts anyways. cool place though and very creative.

Day 5:
Jarrod had to go to work that morning so we lounged around until lunch time. Sarah drove us to Rocky Butte where we checked out the views of Portland and where Jarrod worked and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit before going to lunch. Sarah and Avery have a huge thing in common food wise and that is their love of grilled cheese sandwiches. Sarah took us to this awesome double Decker bus called The Grilled Cheese Grill where we enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup and this amazing dessert called the Jayme which was Marscapone cheese, bananas, and nutella grilled in a sandwich. OMG, so good!!!

We got back to the house where Jarrod waited for us. The three of them headed to Saturday market while Avery and I enjoyed some quiet time and watched a movie. Once they got back Sarah and I went to Powells city of books which I L-O-V-E-D. Biggest book store I have been in and the smell alone was what I love so much about books. We wandered around for an hour or so before heading back to the house. Evan and Jarrod headed out for some brother time while us girls made dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

Day 6:
With an early flight we pretty much spent all morning packing up before we made our way to the airport. Security took forever and by the time we got to our gate we were already boarding! Made for a fast flight process. Once again Avery was awesome and sat quietly and colored and watched a movie. The end of our flight was horrible though I mean so turbulent and shaky. Poor Evan was a bag of nerves and in such a bad mood, even I was so nauseous and a little nervous while Avery just kept calm and let me read to her for the last 20minutes which were VERY rough. We had a 2 hour layover in Albuquerque so that helped calm Evan a bit after lunch we lounged in the terminal where Avery fell asleep on my lap and slept the entire boarding process and flight only to wake up once we landed in Dallas.....again, seriously easy to travel with!! Dad picked us up and we had dinner at The Foundry in Dallas, definitely worth checking out if your in the Dallas area. ;)

Got home around 10:30 and we all slept until noon the next day thanks to the time difference. :)

Such a great trip and the rest of our pictures are on FB too. It was so good to see Jarrod and Sarah and it was so nice to get out of Texas for a bit.

Thanks for sticking around this long :)


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