Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful: Days 15-20

So since I am behind yet again, I'm going to wrap up the last 5 days worth. Enjoy!

Day- 15
 I am Thankful for our home. I seriously love this place and with another baby coming soon we are going to be with a little less room than before but you know what....I refuse to move. I love this neighborhood, with our quiet cul-de-sac, sweet neighbors, and the oh so convenient park just behind us and of course being in Central Denton. We'll probably be here another 2yrs before the thought of moving comes up which in our 7yrs of being married will be the longest we have lived in one place!

Day- 16
I am Thankful for volunteering. It is something I have always had a heart for and this past year I have become very involved in the Denton Animal Shelter as well as the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation and have devoted over 175hrs to volunteering both at the shelter and area events for the animals.  I have fostered 4 litters of kittens and re-homed 3 amazing kittos who were living life on the streets. It may not seem like much to some but I know it makes a difference to the animals, the staff at the shelter and the new pet owners who find their new family members when they come to the shelter. So rewarding and hey, playing with cats and kittens is super calming. :)

Day 17-
 I am Thankful for Nesting. My house hasn't been this clean and organized since we moved in. Also to the makers of Fabreeze and Fabuloso.

Day 18-
I am Thankful for Disney movies and snuggles with Avery. Never gets old.

Day 19-
 I am Thankful for Facebook. Yes, it has it's annoying moments but it has helped me re-connect with some people who I would have no other way of finding without it. Not to mention staying in touch with family/friends who live out of state is nice!

Day 20-
I am Thankful for a savior who loves me no matter how often I fail him.

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