Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Could it be? A post?!

Six weeks until our family trip back to Oregon. We're all a little excited, can't you tell?!

As usual life has just been busy and I have had no time to sit and take a few moments just to blog out everything. for that, I really really really am sorry. (you know for a few, very few, faithful readers)

So where do I begin the entry? over a month actually! so many things it's kind of hard to take a collective breath so to speak, and just start. The girls are doing great. Avery is enjoying her summer break from school, her last year at Kidzone starts this fall and next fall she starts kindergarten. kindergarten people! MY baby is going to be in kindergarten this time next year. She cracks me up, right now her obsession is Master Chef the TV show and pretty much swimming every day, all day. she swears that when she grows up she's gonna be a master chef and loves to tell everybody that she's gonna be a master chef and she's gonna feed Gordon Ramsay her cookies. 

Allie is thriving! five months old already if anyone can believe that. (i swear i posted her birth story yesterday) she's five months and rolling over,eating veggies like crazy and is even attempting to crawl as much as Evan and I are just panicking this girl is in such a rush to grow up. So far she can only scoot backwards which is adorable. She's also a tummy sleeper to the max which means I'm up a lot checking on her at night.

As for me, I'm slowly getting back to normal. I know a lot of people been waiting for me to post about all the health issues I've had in the past six weeks and believe me I do want to talk about it because I think it's something that's very important.  Not to mention that a lot of people came and helped and gave help and offered help to me and Evan and the girls and that's just something that I will forever be grateful for. I promise, I'll post about it as soon as I can. Just know that I am healthy and I'm about 90% back to normal ( was I ever was normal?). 

What can I say? life has just been interesting for the Heartfields but we're all taking it day by day and were very much grateful and happy to be where we are at now. it's summertime, time when you get to be with family, is the time where you do things and stay busy in hopes that the kids go to sleep early and sleep in a little. ( I can dream, right?)

Alright. well, I'm  starting to ramble and we all know what that leads to so I'll end this entry for now with the newest favorite pic of mine. I swear I over share too much on Facebook and Instagram but you know you like it so enjoy. :)



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