Monday, December 24, 2012

When it rains, it pours.

I must say it has been a busy December and not in the most ideal ways to be busy but such is life. I've also decided to condense all the craziness into 1 post rather than 4 separate ones.

We said goodbye to Evans grandmother, Ramona on Dec. 5th after several weeks with illness. To some it was sudden and a hard passing but for us who were with her locally, it seemed it took forever for Jesus to call her home when she was so willing to be back with her Paul and to no longer be so miserable and weak. I must admit, Evan and I felt a bit callous for not mourning or being grief stricken but I take to heart my final two conversations with her and the last time I saw her. She knew what she wanted, she was excited for the baby's upcoming arrival, she was happy, she was ready to go and she did not want people mopping around once she passed.

Thankful God allowed her to go her way.

We had 22 family members from OR, CO, UT, VA, AZ, GA, NY & TX all come in for the memorial. That's a lot of family on such short notice. I loved meeting so many new people, Avery loved the extra attention and getting to see some of Evans cousins who we typically see only once a year (if even that) was so great. Circumstances for the visit not so much, but the fun and laughter and family time was so refreshing. Jarrod and Sarah came in which was an added bonus since they will be here in less than 3 weeks for baby girls arrival.

Always hard to say goodbye to them.

On top of all this, Desi and Stella had flown in just days earlier. My sweet sister was more than accommodating with everything and ended up staying in Austin more than up here in Denton with us. I feel like we didn't get a good sister visit in but just having her here and getting to love on my sweet Stella Bella was worth the chaos.We definitely owe her a better Texas trip in the future.

My baby shower was moved a day later than planned for Ramona's memorial (yeah it was just a crazy week, let me tell ya). So Thankful for those that showed up and celebrated this sweet life with us. We got this girls wardrobe down for sure. I also forgot how tiny baby clothes are and how much Pink seems acceptable when it's for a baby. She got lots of purple which made me so happy too seeing as her colors are purple and gray. Now we just play the waiting game for her upcoming arrival (Which after Thursday, can be ANY DAY!!!)

I also failed to mention how even with ALL that listed above that took place within the same week we also put in a trip to L&D. Nothing major, just an infection they can not pinpoint that put me in preterm labor for a bit. Since the memorial and everything else happened suddenly, we missed our scheduled hospital tour so Evan and I joked that our trip to L&D was just a different type of tour. We liked the place, the nurses were very sweet and the room was roomy. so I'm good with it.

Now, it's Christmas Eve, we had a fun filled weekend with Evans aunt, uncle and cousins from GA. Plus a family date night to the Gaylord Texan. Looking forward to Christmas Eve service, opening our Avery gifts as tradition, enjoying some hot chocolate and preparing for this apparent "Snow event" forcasted for North Texas tomorrow and celebrating Jesus's Birthday with Avery by making a Birthday cake to enjoy with tomorrows Mexican style Christmas dinner. :)

I'll end with a few pictures of the past 3wks. Enjoy!!

Uncle Evan playing with Stella

Avery in her Kidzone Academy Christmas Program

All the family celebrating Oma.

Sarah, myself & Mom at my baby shower.

My sweet hostesses did so much!

Avery getting in some play time with uncle Jarrod.

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