Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check out my little Ballerina!!

Since I leave in a few hours for North Carolina for the week to be with my newborn niece and my sister I got Avery in her Halloween costume to make sure she was set to go for Monday. She looked too cute for words and she knew it!!!!

Check out my sweet girl. (She looks so grown up, where's my baby!?)

(could you imagine if Avery had a twin, whew!)

She had fun twirling in her tutu for me tonight and I'm so excited she liked being in it. Makes me sad to miss Halloween with her but I know she's in amazing hands (Her Pawpa has assured me she'll have a great night with him) and I know she's going to love being with daddy all week too.

Pray for me, I've never been this far from her or Evan or for this long of time.

Enjoy your weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Friday, October 28, 2011

World Series Time!

                                   FOR THE WIN TONIGHT, BOYS. FOR. THE. WIN.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Rangers + Sleeperstar = Awesome night in Texas.

Last night Evan and I set out to the east side of Dallas to the town of Rockwall to watch our oh so amazing friend, Nick, play with the band he's in called Sleeperstar. (You have no reason not to know who they are)Seriously, go check them out on iTunes if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to them! Go on....GO....I'll wait here........

SEE. Now you're hooked, as you should be.

Anywho, we went to the Harbor at Lake Ray Hubbard where they were having their 4th annual "Rock the docks". We parked, walked around the plaza then made our way to the grassy amphitheatre type area where the guys were on stage with the lake, an awesome sunset and slow moving sailboats setting up for one AWESOME backdrop.

The guys played some of the faves in our household and also added a few new songs which were FANTASTIC. Avery had her microphone and bubble gun and was quite entertaining when she wasn't just standing and staring at God-Daddy Nick jamming out on the guitar. She's been a Sleeperstar fan since Life. No joke.

Here are a few pics....

                                          Yeah, which parent do you think she takes after?

The Rangers were also playing game 3 of the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOO....although they lost in a major and might I add embarrassing way Evan and Avery still proudly wore their love and support for their favorite baseball team. Avery loves her some baseball.

It was so much fun to actually get to take Avery to a Sleeperstar show. I hope the guys do more daytime shows where kids and entire families can enjoy it together. She had such a good time and by the time we got back home she even put herself to bed!! We haven't had a nice family outing (where it's just the 3 of us I mean) in quite a long time!

Avery and the guys from Sleeperstar
Nick, New Guy Geoff, Jake and Chris (Shaun wasn't there due to being busy rocking his photography skills)
When we were in the car driving home she said "They Wike Me, Mommy!"

Hope you got to have a fun weekend like we did. This weather is so perfect for outdoor activities.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Well after that game, the Rangers officially gave me a headache and caused my BP to go all crazy like I just finished riding the Texas Giant 3 times in a row and then went bungee jumping.

Maybe not that extreme but that game was too close.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trip down Memory lane...

While cleaning out some files on the computer today I came across a folder marked "Not sure where to put". I thought that was random to be honest and was more than hesitant to open it up and see what was in it....
Yeah, 30 minutes later and I am one emotional mommy.

Pretty much any mobile video from Averys from birth to 3 months ago is stored in this folder and I was unaware about it! I have sat here watching some and just crying over how precious these are to me. Was she really this small!? How could I have forgotten this!?

Maybe it's a mom thing? Maybe I'm just weird?


Friday, October 14, 2011


The cutest baby since Avery arrived!! Yep, my Sweet Niece was born today in North Carolina, She just couldn't wait for Aunt Brittnye to get there in 2 weeks.

Miss Stella Elayne Davis
6lbs 18 inches long
October 13, 2011 @ 6:31 Pm

I can not WAIT to get my hands on her and love on her and spoil her rotten. :)

My sister, Desi, is doing good and was a trooper during her 17 hours of labor with a few bumps along the way. We girls in the family seem to be champs at labor and delivery, we make it seem too easy.

That was pretty much all I wanted to share tonight. It's been quite a crazy week for my family but I don't want to go into it due to certain people who read my blog that I have no control over stopping. (A risk we all take with blogging) But, if you're still alert and awake, swing by My Other Blog and send some love and share with friends.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's a Texas thing...

Saturday I'll be a busy, busy bee. I'll be enjoying a lovoly 5k/1 mile walk with THIS AMAZING WOMAN bright and early. Then it's off to the TEXAS STATE FAIR. Where not only will I walk my booty off, but I'll be eating some of the most bizarre fried foods known to man.

Like some of these things:
Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack BEST TASTE - A buffalo chicken strip is coated in flapjack batter, rolled in jalapeno bread crumbs, deep fried to a golden brown, skewed, and served with a side of syrup. Crowd pleasing appetizer or a meal in itself! inside the Automobile Building and in the Thrill Way.

Fried Bubblegum MOST CREATIVE - You’ll swear it’s bubblegum! A light as a feather bubble gum flavored marshmallow is dipped in batter and lightly fried to perfection. Decorated with a swirl of icing. A final sprinkling of powdered sugar completes this treat! It will blow you away! Granny’s Funnel Cakes on Coliseum Drive.
Deep Fried Pineapple Upside Down Cake - Fresh and sweet pineapple rings are delicately dipped in cake batter, fried, and coated with a caramel, sugar, and cinnamon glaze. What tropical treat is complete without a cherry on top? Fun Way across from Guest Relations and Nimitz Avenue by the Embarcadero.

Deep Fried Texas Salsa™ - This spicy medley of jalapenos, roasted garlic, onion, tomato, and pepper is rolled together, dipped in masa, and covered in crunchy tortilla chips. Into the fryer and served with warm, deliciously creamy queso. Located on Cotton Bowl Plaza at the Taste of Cuba stand and the Beer Garden.

El Bananarito - In case you are wondering, it’s a deep fried banana rolled in a flour tortilla, topped with whipped cream, powdered sugar, a dusting of cinnamon, and a touch of vanilla extract. Top it off with your choice of smooth, hot caramel or decadent chocolate syrup. Funnel Cake stand on Fun Way.

Fried Autumn Pie - Fairgoers will fall for this hard to resist puff pastry infused with a scrumptious combination of pumpkin, cream cheese, powdered sugar, and fall spices. Deep fried and rolled in ginger, cinnamon, and sugar. Chicken on a Stick stand located on Nimitz Drive, near the entrance to the Embarcadero.

Hans’ Kraut Ball - A conglomeration of taste: browned pork sausage, onion, garlic, a zing of sauerkraut, mustard, and tasty seasonings all rolled into a mouth-watering ball of delight. Covered with seasoned bread crumbs, deep fried, and served with your choice Spicy Mustard, Raspberry Chipotle, or Ranch. Hans Mueller tent next to the Main Stage, in Cotton Bowl Plaza, and at on Nimitz Circle.

Walking Taco - Stroll down the Midway with this concoction of seasoned hamburger meat, lettuce, onion, fresh tomato, grated cheese, sour cream, and tasty salsa. Inventively served up in a Nacho Cheese flavored Doritos® bag! Darn Good Corn stand across from Gateway Pavilion tent on Coliseum Drive.

Yeah....prepare for one awesome photo entry this weekend.  Did I mention I haven't been in 3 years and it'll be Averys first State Fair and train ride?! (We're taking the train rather than driving) Soooooo excited.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Had to Share.

Found this GEM on Pinterest tonight and will be doing all of these soon. Check out her BLOG .

Daniel and I always thought that we would be parents that would get a babysitter and go out all the time. We weren’t going to let having a baby change our lifestyle. Thirteen months after having our little one arrived reality has set in. Good, trustworthy babysitters are hard to find and they are expensive. Sure, our family could babysit and I do ask when it is needed but I don’t want to ask all the time. So we have become creative with our date nights at home after our daughter goes to bed.
I believe date nights are incredibly important for healthy marriages. They build trust and encourage a break from the routine to just stop, relax, and enjoy one another. On the date you should not talk about the kids, work, or bills. Save those conversations for another time. Also, don’t think about the household chores that need to be done. If you are the type that can’t relax if there is a dish in the sink, then do all the dishes before your date and get take out that you can throw away. The point is to relax.

You need to schedule your date and guard that time. We generally have a date (at home) on a weekend night. Yes things come up, but we don’t go long without a date. Sometimes I tell Daniel “I need a date” and he knows what I mean. I crave that time together and I miss it when we haven’t had one in a while. Don’t be afraid to ask or put in on the family calendar.

Here are 30 date night ideas that you can do at home after the little ones are tucked into bed and SOUND ASLEEP.

1. Have dinner in the backyard, patio, or your front lawn.

2. Re-watch the first movie you watched together.

3. Don’t cook and get your favorite take out.

4. Have a theme night. You must dress, eat dinner, and watch a movie with the same theme. Think ‘Western’ and dress like a cowgirl, eat bar-b-que, and watch Tombstone. Think ‘French’ and put on a black and white top, make French onion soup, and watch Amelie. It could be anything!

5. Put a blanket down and picnic in front of the TV.

6. Make a special dessert to indulge in. Bake chocolate chip cookies and right when you get them out of the oven put vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce on top. Even making brownies from a box can warm up any night.

7. Take a shower and get dressed up to go out, but stay in. One night I even put on my dress from my prom. I would never wear it out now, but I still love it and wore it on a night in.

8. Snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. I (heart) my Netflix queue!

9. Try to beat your all time record. (This was my husband’s suggestion for the list.)

10. Wear your old bikini that you would never wear in public again, because your stretch marks glisten too brightly in the sunlight! Ha. Your husband won’t care and will love you in it.

11. Break out the board games. Play it so that the loser has to do the dishes or even a fun strip version.

12. Wear your favorite lingerie under your normal clothes. Better yet wear none underneath.

13. Sit outside and read together.

14. Have a candlelit dinner in the dining room you rarely use.

15. Make a mix CD or playlist to enjoy throughout the evening.

16. Dance! Make room for our own private dance floor and have fun. Don’t worry, no one is watching you dance like Elaine Benes.

17. Write out an invitation card to your date requesting their presence at the VIP Lounge of your private nightclub.

18. Splurge on delicious cheeses and add fruit, crackers, and wine.

19. Make out during the DVD menu music.

20. Give each other a back rub.

21. Share your favorite dating memory with each other over dinner.

22. Set out candles around the room. (I know this is an old idea, but it is really nice to do once in a while.)

23. Dress as a character from a movie and you pick the character for each other (think Tom Cruise in Risky Business).

24. Work out together. Set up a circuit in the garage or in the back yard with a jump rope, dumbbells, push-up, and sit-up stations.

25. Cook together and try a new recipe for dinner or for a cocktail.

26. Go to bed early together.

27. Play video games together
28. Watch a sports game and eat stadium food like nachos and hot dogs.
29. Set up a pair of chairs and stick your feet in the kiddie pool.
30. Make breakfast in bed for dinner and watch TV.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes babies, Then Comes......?

Well, we're on a new mission in expanding our Family.

Don't get to excited, we're not pregnant and we are not planning on getting pregnant in the near future. The conversation that started it all happened just before Avery was born. We had discussed pets and were thinking of getting a dog someday. However, with a new baby soon, 2 spoiled house cats and both of us working we realized how silly that would be. We're hardly home as it is! So we said we'd wait until Avery was 3 then go to a shelter or adoption agency and find 1 or maybe 2 friends for Avery to bring home. (2 being one for daddy and one for mommy)

Well, Avery will be 3 in December (CRAZY!) and this weekend the conversation picked up at random when I mentioned how Barktoberfest was happening at the big park by our house and we should go look at the rescue groups and people watch since we obviously don't have a dog. Evan got sooooooo excited and immediately started talking about names for "His" dog and types of breeds that were "Good for us and not good for us".

Whoa, hold up.

So, we are currently doing TONS of research on every breed of dog that gets over 20lbs and doesn't yip but barks. We're thinking we'll decide or start hitting the rescue groups or local Shelter at the end of January. We're doing WAYYYY too much traveling in the coming months and we have 2 HUGE trips starting next spring. Plus, we may move to a bigger place in April. Needless to say, lots to consider and lots to think and research about before we find a new member of the Hartfield family. This just speaks volumes on how mommyhood has changed me. Anyone who knows me or grew up with me would be flabbergasted that I haven't owned a dog since 2004 and that I haven't brought home a million strays. It's a well known fact that growing up we had no less that 7 pets. Even now my mom has 8 animals!

PROS     Vs.    CONS   
Play mate for Avery     Vs.  Another mouth to feed(vet bills included)
Jogging buddy for me   Vs.  Kittos adjusting to the dog
Security (depending on Breed)     Vs.  I'll be cleaning up after it.
Travel companion on family trips   Vs.  Allergies (yet to be determined)
We've wanted one for a LONG time.    Vs.   Baby No. 2 would be on hold
Teaches Avery responsibility

  GOOD Breeds for US  >  BAD Breeds for US                     
* Just because we don't think these breeds are good for us, doesn't mean we don't like them

Labs   > Chihuahua
Golden Retriever  >  Yorkie
Greyhound (currently #1 on our list, very odd!)   > Poodle of ANY kind
Husky   > Pug
German Shepard   >  Dachshund
Brittany Spaniel >  Pit Bull
Dalmatian  > Papillion
Border Collie  > Rottweiler (my mom has had 4)
Collie   >  Great Dane (Avery's scared of them)
Wheaten terrier  > Pomeranian

So we still have a lot to research and figure out in finding a sweet and perfect addition to our family. I'm excited though, even if it's not even happening this year. :) 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Try it, You'll like it.

If your a fan of my blog which means your a subscriber, you comment on here, you get sad without a post from me or are just really nosey or a stalker...then you should do the same on my other blog.


you know you want to........kinda........maybe?

I promise a REAL post soon. :)

Love You All (for realies and trulies)
Britt & Co.


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