Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's try this again...

Apparently the link didn't work yesterday so here's hoping it works today.



Monday, May 30, 2011

Love is....

How stinking Blessed am I?

It's hard not to be Happy around these two when this is how they are 70% of the time.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Here's a SNEAK PEEK at just a few of the over 100 pictures I took on Sunday. They are NOT edited yet but I'm so in Love with them I had to share a few of my faves.



Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I hate goodbyes.

This morning at 6:30am we hugged Jarrod and Sarah one last time, swatted away a few more tears than expected and ignored the gnawing ache is our chests that seem like a dull ache that won't go away now. They are officially out of Texas and on the road to Portland Oregon. Their new home.

I got a Deja vu moment that in 16 years I'm going to feel this exact same way but possibly more so as Avery is my baby and not my sibling.

I'm so proud of Jarrod for taking this adventure in life but at the same time I can help but hurt for him, for the tough road ahead as he settles into an unknown area with no real support system or base other than Sarah. I know, I know, I'm such a mom. I love you both dearly and hope this ends up being a huge blessing for you both.

I literally had a huge cryfest once we got home. It just hit me so hard that Jarrod is no longer 10min away and won't be able to get me laughing on a bum day. I also just don't like seeing Nan and Gary cry, it's just like a hit to the heart and I somewhat understand what they are feeling as parents.

As a sweet Mothers day gift to Nan and Sarahs mom, Maggie, I got everyone together in matching outfits and had a mini photo shoot at North lakes park. I seriously can't wait to edit these pics they look so dang good! Good memories too.

Jarrod, I hope you know how much I love you. I didn't tell you enough and today as I hugged you I couldn't seem to stop telling you. Can't wait to see you in December(HOPEFULLY). It feels like a lifetime from now.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hello, Hello!

I feel like it has been an eternity since I last posted a real blog entry. Believe me I hate not being able to have the ability to blog or do anything Internet related, I feel way too isolated. On the other hand, I have been so busy that I'm sure that regardless of having the Internet handy that I would be able to do anything since my free time has been close to none.

How about a picture to start things off....

Little Miss Priss on Easter. She is growing like a weed lately. She told me yesterday and I quote "Mommy? You so pwety, I be pwety too?" I wanted to scoop her up and smother her in kisses but seeing as she was in the bath tub I just settled for letting her know that she was prettier than her mommy as it was and daddy was going to have a lot of sleepless nights once she hits her teens..her response: "That's okay wif me."

*sigh* yeah...we're in trouble.

She is in LOVE with our backyard, not that I can blame her it's so beautiful outside. This was her today but as you can see she also enjoys putting things in her mouth from the backyard so we have to go back inside earlier than any of us would like. Anyone know how I can break her of putting things in her mouth like rocks and sticks?

The house is coming along, we have to finish Averys wall art and get ourselves a bed but the boxes are about 90% taken care of and everything is finding it's place. We found dining table we both like at Ikea and will soon get but I like having the dining area so open and inviting. The backyard is by far our new favorite hide away. I am taking out a few shrubs along the deck to open it up a bit and I planted three Lavender plants that I'm already loving on a breezy day sitting on the patio. Avery and I also got out the sidewalk chalk and decorated the entryway. Good times. Hopefully we'll have a house warming BBQ come mid June. I'm excited to have people over! I'm not ashamed of our neighborhood or home for once!

I've also met with a wonderfully sweet woman who works for UNT and has a huge part in the community garden just one street over to us by the park we play at almost daily. She has showed me some wonderful organic gardening tips and has given us a lot of her wonderful veggies. I love it. I'm seriously considering starting a fall garden in the community garden since everyone helps each other and these people know their stuff so I'm sure with their guidance I can start a amazing fresh garden just one street over. Like a mini wholefoods in my backyard. :)

 I am also starting to think about different artistic outlets for me as side jobs. I already have sold 3 paintings and I still have 3 commissions waiting on me. I also love taking pictures and recently did my 2nd photo shoot for friends that I am currently editing as we speak. I truly love it and since people compliment me so much on it I'm considering maybe taking a few classes and possibly expanding in a small side business of taking family portraits in and around Denton.


Again, life has been busy but we're all loving it. We also have several trips planned for this year. Evan gets paid vacations and he is LOVING this job so much, we all are. Being home all day means so much to all 3 of us. So looking forward to this summer and winter...kind of a change of outlooks from this time last year. Now, if only we could save up that $1000 to get the kittos out of boarding faster than we currently are then my life would truly be the cherry on top of the amazing blue bell sundae.


Monday, May 2, 2011

My two cents.

There's Only one death that caused World Peace and we celebrated it last week.


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