Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful: Day 10

Day 10-

I am Thankful for "Little Miss" and this pregnancy.

When Evan and I decided to try for baby #2 I figured it wouldn't be a big deal, I've been through pregnancies before and we went through all the testing and what not to just make sure it may not be fertility issues or me or him to blame for past miscarriages and all the complications we had with Avery's pregnancy. Her pregnancy and how hard it was on me is the main reason we waited as long as we did.

With Little Miss, I have had zero complications and pretty much, a perfect pregnancy! I had morning sickness (new for me) and all the symptoms that I really didn't get with Avery in the 1st trimester. It's just been a huge blessing for us as a family and the closer we get to her arrival the more I clearly see that.

It's still as precious to me as it was with Avery, feeling this tiny miracle grow inside me. The nudges, the kicks, the punches and hiccups...all still fill me with joy and awe and the occasional groan when I just want to sleep or get comfy but her antics disrupt that. I enjoy getting bigger and bigger, which I know is odd to say but I wasn't this big with Avery and yet I felt more confidence in myself and my body when I was pregnant with her and it's the same this time around too.

This perfect baby girl being knit together and growing strong in me is just a blessing. To know God made her just for us is so amazing. The plans, the dreams and the completeness I feel when I think of her arrival and welcome into our family. All seems just right.

I must say just seeing how her arrival into our lives is already changing Avery is sweet too. She is so thrilled to be a big sister and gets overjoyed when we talk about her, when she does her nigh-night routine and hugs and kisses and blows bubbles on my belly, or when she sees and feels baby sister kick and move or even when she gets rowdy and tickles and talks to my belly and laughs hysterically when little sister reacts (which she does!).

I'm so loving these special memories and intimate moments with my girls. I can't imagine how much better they will be when she's actually here and we're able to touch and kiss and watch her grow with us.

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