Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vacation Time!

It's finally here...VACATION!!!

We head to Portland in the morning and I am so excited. I'm also trying my hardest not to stress out about everything. Averys never flown before, Evan doesn't like flying, yeah....this will be exciting.

I'm pretty sure I've packed more distractions for Avery than clothes. Our carry ons are all about keeping her happy and occupied for the 4 hours we're in the air. I know, I know.

We've never gone on a vacation with just the 3 of us, call it being spoiled but the Hartfields tend to keep it all in the family for vacations and I LOVE that about us. I also have been ready for a vacation of just us since Avery was born though and even though this trip is still Hartfield based since we're going to visit Jarrod and Sarah it's got so many "first" moments prepared for Avery and us.

Now if only I had a working camera for this trip...*sigh* here's hoping Jarrod is on it for pictures, I want to share all these memories about to be made with you guys and gals. :)

See ya next week,

Sometimes you just have to let your inner kid have the spot light.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Busy but Blessed.


What a crazy week and weekend! I doubt I have been this tired in a LOOONG time. I debated going to bed instead of updating the ole' blog but it's Sunday night and my week is super lax in comparison to last week and Evan is doing another Sunday night shift so I'll stay up and wait for him. :)

This weekend I got to see one of my closest and dearest friends get married. Megan and I have been friends since 2000 where we met in band. We have been on a loooot of crazy adventures and even traveled together to NYC and San Francisco. I doubt high school would have been nearly as exciting or bearable for me without Megan by my side.

Webbie, Rosprim & Lusk @ Prom 2003

Megan was 8 1/2 pregnant at my wedding.

So being her MOH was a first for me, I have never been in a wedding before! Webbie (Christina) was the only other bridesmaid and I was so excited. In high school she was our third party in some crazy times and it seems to this day something crazy always happens when her and I are together!!!! Case in point, the bachlorette party, we got a flat tire at 2am in downtown Fort Worth.

Megan's wedding was another adventure for Christina and I but the main focus was making sure Megan had an awesome wedding and if you ask me, I think she did. Megan was truly a gorgeous bride and the wedding was beautiful! I didn't get too many pictures since I was busy being MOH and Evan was on Avery duty (She was a flower Girl and let's just say, not feeling it). I'm so excited for her and her daughter Bailey as they start their new family chapter with Chris.

I love you Megan! Congrats!

Getting ready to head to the Chapel.....

Flower Girl Avery.

Bridesmaids. :)

Some things never change.

I CAN look girlie.

Me & the Hubs.

Now for a easy week of no work and cleaning and house projects before we fly out to Portland! I'm also doing something CRAZY tomorrow but I'm excited about it and will share all about it tomorrow, promise!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Almost the 25th!

2 weeks from today I will be on a plane with Evan and Avery and headed to PORTLAND!

So. Stinkin'. Excited.

So many first for Avery. So many first for us as a family.

Also, Janie say Hello. ;)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Today was just one of those days that I wish would never end.

3 days of church with such an AMAZING church family and a pastor who truly is just...well, he is amazing too. I feel so full spiritually and not just because of the last 3 days. Since the church merge in January I have been overjoyed for Sundays again. Not going to do a "Plug" or push anyone onto my church but if your interested, Click Here.

Easter was a bit un-traditional for us this year. We went to last nights service since Nan, Gary and I were doing nursery duty for the 9am service today. Evan and Avery stayed home which was good since around 4:30am Avery walked into our room stuffy and congested and wanted to be cuddled, all signs of bad allergies or a cold. I finally got kicked out of bed at 6:30 and made the best of it while my two loves had a snoring contest (she is her fathers daughter). Got home from church around 11 to find her like this!!!
Poor baby looked like she got in a fist fight. Her left eye was so swollen and gunky and it wasn't like that when I left for church, it came on super fast! She was miserable and just wanted to curl up with her blanket and not be bothered. :(  Luckily though Nina and Pawpa picked up some allergy drops on their way over for lunch and it fixed her up quick!

The rest of the day was full of food, candy, family and dare I say it, I even got a NAP! Hello! That never happens. I think all the afternoon rain and the food coma was just the perfect Sunday mix to knock me out on the couch. :)

Nice end to a holiday weekend. Although I'm off tomorrow, this week will be BUSY BUSY with Megan's wedding on Saturday, rehearsals on Friday and a ton of stuff in between. Add family in town and shelter duties...whew! I might also mention the bridesmaid dress I ordered in JANUARY is still not here, so no stress or anything....

Then a week of NOTHING (so looking forward to that) and then the following week we fly out to PORTLAND to visit Jarrod & Sarah. I am soooo stoked about this trip. Avery's first flight and my first trip to Oregon. Evan is not too keen on flying so it'll be interesting to see how I manage Avery and him if she doesn't do well, but let's admit it, my kid is awesome. :)

Since I am so horrible lately with posting I'll also add Avery's Bluebonnet pics from last week. Seriously, Sarah Null is so amazing at what she does and is a wonderful woman and sister in Christ, I met her YEARS ago before Evan and I were married and had Avery the day before she married a schoolmate or ours.( I was dress shopping for her wedding when I went into labor!) Check out her FB page as well as her website and if your in the North Texas area, use her!!!

Yeah, I know.


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Time!

Oh yes, Spring has officially started...well, like over a week ago officially, but here in Texas it's been pretty consistant since January in the 70's-80's. Today, it's close to 90! Here's hoping this summer isn;y like the last few...yikes!!

Since the weather has been so amazing I decided to make some spring cleaning plans. So far the kitchen has gotten a nice scrub down and the pantry re-organized. The living room got a mini make over earlier in the month since Nan & Gary bought Evan and I a flat screen TV for a joint birthday gift!! I plan on painting Averys room in the next 3 weeks before we leave for Portland but with my friend Megans wedding being in 2 weeks I'm not sure if this will happen this month....life is getting busy again.

Dining room and master bedroom will be getting spruced up as well. Yeah, it's definetly spring time.

This weekend I got an itch to be outside, Evan and I took a look at the backyard and suddenly wanted to do some changes. After a call to the land lady who was super lax and gave us complete leeway, we headed off to Lowes. I planted a few flowers in a giant planter box that has been sitting idle on our front porch since we moved in almost a year ago! We also bought Avery a pool in which she happily swam naked for 2 hours yesterday in super cold water. *sigh* that girl is such a water baby. Today, Evan and I are pulling tons of ivy from all the yard filler and are debating on planting sod so we can put a swing set up soon. Might just plant more flower bushes and what not...I took the before shots today and will post the after and finished pics soon. I love weekends like this!!! We grilled steaks last night and watched Hop with Avery.

Here in a bit Avery is having a photo session with the amazing Sarah Null she did our family pictures a year ago. I'm super excited, she does great work and todays pictures are up the street in the huge Bluebonnet field!!! Check out Sarahs website . I'll share some when we get them. :)

In the meantime, I'll share some pictures from our weekend. Hope you are enjoying Spring time.

Avery picked them, she loooves flowers.

Swimming already.

Janie loves to play outside too. ;)


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