Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thankful: Day 24-28

Yeah another quick batch of Thankfuls to catch up, hey! at least I am actually sticking to it this time!

Day 24:
  I am Thankful for productivity. Trust me, it's not so easy when your 8m pregnant to stay up to date with holidays, events and the daily grind. It was far easier with Averys pregnancy because well, other than all the complications, hospital stays, etc. If I was tired, I simply went home and took a nap. If I didn't feel like cleaning, it was alright because nobody would drive to Fort Worth randomly and see the mess. This time around, I can't just drop everything and lay in bed because Avery simply won't allow it. :) I love this house so I take more pride in it so therefore, I clean it. Thanks to burst of energy and Averys enthusiasm I have managed to clean the house, her room, organize both, decorate for Christmas, wrap presents (which means I shopped ahead!) and have the house presentable for random company, which I love. And all BEFORE Dec. 1st. Now if only we were more prepared for Little Miss's upcoming arrival (seriously, we have NOTHING for her yet!).

Day 25:
 I am Thankful for my In-loves. They are by far above and beyond amazing. We had plans to make this past weekend all about the girls room getting ready and getting the house Baby ready but Evans truck broke down the night before. Which meant, we were down to 1 vehicle! Now we have 2 non-running vehicles in the car port and we're running out of time to get things in order for baby. Both his parents were at our house bright and early Saturday morning and spent all day working on vehicles, painting walls, decorating, cleaning and keeping Evan and I calm. So selfless and so in control when things seem scary. Sure, we didn't get what we planned done but we got a lot accomplished. So typical of them and the list of times they have just come to our rescue from financial help, advice, words of encouragement and wisdom, to random days of fun and overall family time. ENDLESS. I know some people find it weird how close I am to them, which is sad to me for the friends I have who can't stand their in-laws. I truly love mine and would be lost without them! How can your marriage work if a set of parents are not included or even liked. (I know there are some cases where it's not on the couple but the parents but still...) I've been beyond Blessed with the family I married into, never dreamed I'd have it so good.

Day 26:
 I am Thankful for my BLENDS. What's a blend? A Blend is a friend you've made through your Blog. Between this blog and my HLC blog (which has sadly been neglected in a horrible way) I have made several lasting friendships with some amazing women who I've never met face to face but can count on anytime! Some have turned into face to face meetings and fun trips. Love my sweet blends.

Day 27:
 I am Thankful for Netflix. Yes, we joined the bandwagon late in the game but man! LOVE IT! Avery can watch all her shows without interruption and those annoying and sometimes not kid appropriate commercials. Not too mention on my phone while we're in the car.

Day 28:
 I am Thankful for Bed rest. Yes, yet again I am on modified bed rest until our appt. tomorrow where I get a neat growth sono then another chat with the OB to see where we stand and what the next 2wks entail for us. I am not one of those who likes to be confined too long in the house or off their feet. However, I am listening to my OB, I am following my restrictions and as much as I hate it and am itching to be able to drive again or be on my feet for longer than walking to the bathroom and back to the couch or bed...I'm trying my best to see the positive in it. It forces me to slow down, see how amazing Evan is, and most importantly that the world isn't going to end if I don't do laundry for a few days or let the dishes pile up or even when I have to swallow my pride and ask for help from others.

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  1. #1 Stealing the word "blends" from you!
    #2 Great attitude re: bed rest. You're almost there.



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