Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avery Claire Hartfield


Dear God,
 A year ago today you gave me the BIGGEST blessing of my life. You showed my husband and I what love creates and what love gives. I will never be able to put into words the joy you have given me in Avery the past 365 days. From every smile to giggle to every milestone and moments in awe. You have given me a life yet again and my debt to you seems to be unpayable. THANK YOU for my amazing little girl.

Thank you for choosing her for us and vice versa, for thinking we were prepared and capable of raising her, for giving us the energy on those sleepless nights, the stomach to handle to blow out diapers and spit ups that never ended, the patience when she couldn't stop crying and we were still figuring out what works. For the tears of joy, the tears of awe and the tears of knowing she's ours.

Thank you for showing me what Love is in so many unmeasurable moments, for the mornings in bed cuddling, the sweet sound of her first word (mama), her laugh, her toothy smiles, her happy hand clap when she knows she's done something great to even her shy shoulder shrug when she's guilty of doing something bad.

For her love in music and animals, for her awe in everything; the sky, the trees, grass, dirt...her innocence has in a way made me realize how much I was taking life for granted and showed me how I needed to slow down and actually take it all in.

Thank You for Blessing me so Richly.

Happy Birthday Munchkin, we love you so very vey much!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I promise you, I am still alive.

I never knew how dependant I was to our Macbook until it decided to crash on us. Then again, it can also be said that I never realized how many people depended on my blogs and updates to know how we were doing.

The Hartfield house has been crazy as usual. We ended up going to Missouri for Thanksgiving after all and that was due to a call for help from Evans day wed. night at 6pm saying he was broke down outside of OKC with a cat. We literally packed up Avery, my sister, Evan and myself and were on the road in less than 2 hours! Good thing we drove through the night, Avery had never been in a car or her car seat that long before and she THANKFULLY slept 89% of the way. The way back  however, took us 14 hours and once we got to OKC she was no longer happy about it. Bless her heart.

Still though, 5 states in 48 hours, WHEW!

I took my sister to Austin last Wed. too in one of the worst fog/rainy drives ever! I thought I was going to die a few times, no joke, truckers barrel through hwys no matter what the conditions! It was worth it though, I <3 Austin.

We also took Avery to the Texan Gaylord ICE! exhibit, she loved it! her little nose was so red when we got out of there though and the parkas they make you wear were huge on her. I'll post some pics soon, promise.

Let me see what else?.....

The rent house hunt is full blown now, Evan and I are so excited to move back to Denton. We went to the Tree lighting Thursday night and saw so many friends and loved ones some of whom we haven't seen in years! With Evans parents living on the square it just made it so much cooler to watch and hear the square from their bedroom window. I can't wait to come back home.

Avery turns 1 in 2 weeks, yikes!

OH YEAH! Avery is also WALKING now. She started doing it Friday when I would leave the room she was in she would cry and then suddenly after this took place a few times I heard a giggle only to find her walking to me in the kitchen! I screamed in excitement which caused her to topple and cry. haha

Now, she stands herself up and toddles towards Evan or me and sometimes she makes it and others she kinda gets tired half way and crawls the rest. Still, very exciting for our baby girl!!!


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