Thursday, July 30, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not a real update

the title says it all. No update, I'm too tired today. Pics and LONG update coming soon, promise.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Patience is a VIRTUE.

Now with Avery crawling I seem to be moving with her 24/7. The child has endless energy!!! On top of the new Crawling chapter in her cute and short lived life, she is learning (Thanks to her daddy) how to pull herself up against furniture or even as I nearly had a heart attack discovering tonight....her crib and bassinet!

Time to lower some rails....

She moves so much, I feel like I am constantly saying "No" and "Avery Claire, get yourself back in this direction." at least a million times over in a 12 hour day. The perk? She is going to bed about 30-45 minutes earlier now and sleeping through the night!

7 months old as of a few hours from now. How can this be? Why is it every 4 weeks when another month comes up I am still in as much shock as the last month? My baby is growing too fast to my liking, she'll be walking and talking soon!

She's discovered so much the past 2 weeks, she has a huge interest in the kittos and poor Gus, she chases after him all the time only to pull his tail, smack him in the face or to pull his fur. I'm trying to teach her how to be "Gentle with Gus Gus" but she just squeels when she gets her hands on him. He is so sweet and gentle with her through all this abuse, he usually cries out and tries to get away from her but he has never once let a claw or tooth near her. I think he is the only one who can relate to my tiredness at the end of the day when we both collapse on the bed side by side and tell ourselves repeatedly that Patience is a virtue.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Picture Post.

Well, the Wedding was beautiful, my Dad looked handsome and Donna was Beautiful. My little sore throat has turned into a head cold so I will only post a few of my favorite pictures from the wedding for now.

Update soon. Promise.

-Brittnye Nephew!!! Chevy Ray Lusk, the cutest little 2 month old. Ever. I'm so in love with him.

My brothers Josh & Jonathon and of course Chevy.

Avery and Daddy getting ready for the Wedding.

 Avery and her "Pops" before the ceremony.

Our new expanded family!
From Left to right starting in the back row:
Jonathon, Chevy, Avery, Me, Mom, Jackye & Josh
Chancy, Donna, Dad & Erin.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


It's 4:30AM. I'm up, although it's my fault entirely since I slept all day yesterday after taking some Nyquil rather than Dayquil. I have been dealing with a very bad sore throat since Saturday night, a sore throat and nothing else, well, besides having no voice. Not sure what was the cause, I'm thinking the smoke from the fireworks considering it all started from after the fireworks. Meh.

So as usual I have a lot on my mind and have come to blog about it....nothing major to note, no drama in my life (always nice), just a lot processing right now.

You see...My dad is getting married today.

Yep, my dad, whom I have recently re-connected with and whom I have very few fond memories of is getting married today at 6pm. I'm very happy and excited for him and for Donna, my soon to be Step-mother. They have been together for almost 4 years, they just bought a house in Watauga about a month ago.

I. Adore. Her.

She puts up or rather HAS put up with a lot of Johns crap and yet she can handle him and she knows what she's marrying into with his past mistakes. Most importantly though, she has changed him.

He's a different human being since being with her. He's happy, he smiles, he laughs, he calls me weekly to check in on me and Avery, he's called my mom and is trying to patch things up between them after almost 5 years of not speaking to each other, he has a career, goals, plans in store all things the old John never did or had.

I went from seeing or talking to him maybe twice a year to now....once a week. whether it's a txt, a call or an invitation to have dinner. He wants to be in Avery's life, he loves Evan and constantly tells me how proud he is of me finding a man to be my husband since real men in my life were never around to set an example for me.(His words)

Besides getting Donna for my Step-mother, Avery gets a new grandmother as well as 2 new aunts and I get 2 new half sisters whom I really enjoy talking with. I have only met one of Donna's daughters, Chancy. The other one recently came back from New Zealand and lives in Amarillo now but will be here for the wedding and has already told Chancy she wants to have some one on one time with me. I'm very excited to meet her. They both are older than me (25,27) so it'll be great for Jackye to have more people to go to instead of me and Desi for advice.

Good things are happening and I finally feel like I have a family. Like the pieces are slowly getting back together... I'll post pictures soon. Evan is a groomsmen along with my baby brother Josh, Jonathon will be there too but declined the offer to be Johns best man, he needs more time and I understand that.

Patience is a virtue.

Alright! Well, I am going to post some 4Th of July/summer pictures up of Avery then go read some more off my reading list. I hope everyone is doing well and having a great Summer.

Check out her new floatie, she LOVES the pool now.

She loves the splash pool on her floatie more than being in the big pool

Happy 4th of July!

she watched the fireworks but didn't really care for them..
Avery and her God-Parents Kate & Nick

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 months old!

                                           And just the Cutest Baby Ever. I love her so much.


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