Monday, August 5, 2013

Yeah well....

What can I say? Life's been busy. I really wish I had more free time to blog like used to but it'll be another month before that happens.

Summer is almost over but we have our big family trip this weekend to California and Oregon. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've been looking forward to this trip since I left Oregon last April on our first trip to visit Evans brother Jarrod and his g/f Sarah.

Avery and Alyssa are doing great. Avery starts preK next month.....Pre-K! Hard to believe she'll be in kindergarten next year. Alyssa is now 6m old and crawling everywhere, she also says dada but I'm ignoring that. These two keep my busy but I have to say, I love how they are starting to play with each other and how protective Avery gets over Aly.

We went on a weekend trip to Galveston 2wks ago and it was mine and Alyssa's first trip to the Texas coast. Yep, lived here my whole life and never went south of Houston! Pretty sure Galveston will become an annual thing for us, so much fun. My best friend, Stacy, even joined us on the last day as she lives in Houston now and we hadn't  seen each other since after Alyssa was born. It was sweet to catch up and let her love on the girls for a bit.

One of the hidden jewels of that trip was we went to the sea turtle hub or the NOAA facility that is no longer open to the public. My sweet friend Beth went to A&M Galveston but had to move back after losing everything during hurricane Ike. She still has close friends in Galveston and one happens to be a biologist with the Sea turtle program and came in on her day off to give us a private tour! I'm not allowed to post the pictures we took but it was amazing and it's so cool to know the hard work they are doing for the sea turtles. Avery was in heaven, she still talks about it and got a stuffed sea turtle on the beach as a souvineir. Icing on top? They had a 20+ year old loggerhead female who was over 200lbs and as big as our dining room table that had washed up on shore a few weeks prior and the last time they've ever had one that big or old was in 1978! To see something like that being within arms reach was a once in a lifetime experience and she was magnificent to see. They will release her back soon.

Definitely a memorable weekend.


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