Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful: Day 8

I know, I'm a bit behind yet again, here's hoping I can get this all caught up tonight. :)

Day 8-

I am Thankful for my sister, Desi.

Even though she lives all the way up in the mountains of North Carolina while I am in the great state of Texas, we do our best to pester each other at least once a week by FB, txt or an actual phone call when our kids or her phone allows enough quiet time to catch up. (I currently have an unheard voicemail on my phone from her from like a day ago, I know I fail at calling people back)

For those unaware, Desi and I didn't grow up together. In fact, we only met each other in 2006! After a 2yr search for her with my siblings. Even though we've only been reconnected  6yrs you would never guess we've been apart. Other than looking alike, sounding alike and our personalities being the perfect blend of all the other siblings in our crazy 5 count it just works. As far as little sisters go, shes pretty awesome and she doesn't make me want to go crazy. We only get to see each other once or twice a year and I'm hoping she's here next month for a short visit before I have her 2nd niece.

I love her so much and am super proud of her. Yes, she annoys me from time to time. Yes, we argue and nit pick each other but hey, we're sisters and unlike other situations in our family....we're always there for one another no matter how annoyed or how much we shake our heads at each other.

Now if only I could get her to move to Texas with my adorable niece....

I love you Desi, I hope you know that. I'm so Thankful I never stopped looking for you and that you were open to being a part of this disfunctional family we were given. :)

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