Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happiness from the iPhone

Today was byfar a stressful day, nothing a dollop of whip cream on a piece of lemon pie can't soothe out but still..... Glad it's almost over. My iPhone is my mini laptop for a little longer but I am so excited I can blog with it and stay faithful to reading the ones I enjoy so much. I just finished reading my beautiful friends entry on 100 things that make her Happy and thought it was such a wonderful idea to do and I know it'll brighten my stressful day so here I go. (and in no particular order)

Top 100 Things That Make Me Happy.

100. Anything that smells like Lavender.
99. Wine.
98. A made bed.
97. Fresh laundry.
96. My sweet in-loves.
95. Making new friends.
94. Austin, Texas
93. Starry nights.
92. The smell of fresh cut grass.
91. Painting.
90. Sewing.
89. Therese Dansby
88. Central Market
87. My Husband, Evan.
86. Indie music.
85. Singing.
84. Baking.
83. Random goodies at my door.
82. Farmers Markets.
81. My church family.
80. Old houses.
79. A good quiet time.
78. Running into old friends.
77. Someone playing with my hair.
76. Pregnant women.
75. Good conversations.
74. Josh Groban.
73. Hosting get-togethers.
72. Sappy movies.
71. A good rainstorm.
70. Hot bubble baths.
69. Camping in NM.
68. Being a Mommy.
67. Lake Ray Roberts.
66. Paris & Gus
65. The Czech Stop in West, Tx.
64. Reading in bed.
63. Texas weather.
62. Memories of my great-grandparents.
61. My new house!
60. Personal e-mails.
59. A clean house.
58. My beautiful daughter, Avery.
57. Sam Moon.
56. Snail-mail.
55. Watching Evan and Avery play together.
54. Scentsy fragrance in Autumn Sunset!
53. A glass of Sweet tea.
52. Hazelnut coffee.
51. Denton, Tx
50. Gardening.
49. Averys belly laughs.
48. The smell of old books.
47. Being crafty.
46. Running.
45. History.
44. Laying in the sunshine.
43. Old hymnals.
42. Playing xbox (weird, I know)
41. Scenic routes.
40. Thrift shopping.
39. Coffee shops.
38. Going to the movies.
37. People watching.
36. Mumford and sons
35. Stories with Happy endings.
34. Date nights!
33. Hugs that linger.
32. Sushi.
31. Dancing in my underwear.
30. Being with a group of people and worshipping.
29. Decor magazines.
28. A pair of sexy shoes.
27. Cuddling with my daughter.
26. Black and white photos.
25. Laying on the couch in comfy pjs.
24. Road trips.
23. Girls nights.
22. All things Jane Austen.
21. Beth Maries ice cream.
20. Blogging.
19. Ikea.
18. Florence and the machine.
17. Fruit new recipes.
16. Colorful sunsets.
15. Panera bread.
14. My family.
13. Random acts of kindness.
12. Disney movies.
11. Sleeperstar!!!
10. Volunteering.
09. Playing with make-up.
08. Accents.
07. Sleeping in.
06. IBC Rootbeer.
05. Taco Bueno.
04. Praying.
03. Makin people Happy.
02. Manicures and pedicures.
01. YOU.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Moving into our house means no computer access for a few weeks. Sorry. I can't wait to show the updated pictures of our new home, this place is just amazing and our neighbors are too. Loving this kiss on The cheek from my heavenly father.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


The paints been purchased, the Welcome mat is out, Keys are in my possesion........Let the moving in process commence!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A HUGE update.

Along with a video tour of our new HOME since we get the keys after lunch!


I'm going to Lowe's tonight to buy the paint for the rooms. Soooo excited and yet, ridiculously busy with having to be in Arlington everyday for a minimum of 5 hours on top of moving and decorating and painting and being a mommy and wife....

Life is blissfully busy friends.

So much to be THANKFUL for, how about you?


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adventure is out there!

Lately we've been watching the movie "Up!" about twice a day, or as Avery calls it "Afternoon, afternoon!". I must say, it's just one of those movies you really don't mind watching over and over again. I even find myself catching new lines or new details when watching it lately and the cute way Avery gets glued to it and giggles and quotes it just makes my heart sing.

I've taken on this new attitude as many of my readers and even real life friends have commented on and I must say that for the past 8 months of me claiming "This is the year of change for the Hartfield family" it seems it truly is all happening on a number of levels.

Evan has his job, I have our new home and making it a place to have fellowship, and Avery has new interests and play mates to indulge in while growing at an alarming rate of speed that her parents wish would decrease a bit.

I started jogging again, and although I berated myself almost daily when I stopped because of how happy I was getting with it and how good I seemed, I am struggling with this renewl of my regime. I am still at the part where it's a chore and to make matters worse my timing (Not that I ever focused on that too much) is horrible and my body refuses to relax and just go with it. I went 2.1 miles Sunday only running for 2 of the 37 minutes which is NOT good and my hips and legs have let me have it since. Yesterday I did a mile in 23 minutes but again, only ran maybe a minute of that! Then tonight, I went to the gym for the 2nd time in my life and thought I would fall off the treadmill from how tense both my calves were at only a 2.3 pace and 5 minutes into a 20 minute workout. I wanted to quit, come back home and just go to bed miserable as my mood was but I sat my bottom on a bike and figured "you have 2 options, which will make you feel better with yourself in the end?" and started pedaling....

The first 10 minutes I was literally cringing with how tense my lower half was, drank some water, wiped off my liter of sweat and then accidentally reset the time and stats! (ARGH) I started again and lo and behold, my lower half relaxed instantly and went numb and I spent a 20 minute pace that I haven't seen in 9 months! I loved that bike, I loved how I felt! Nothing hurts like it has the past 3 days (Although we'll see how I am when I get up in the morning) and I could have kept going. I think when I go back I'll use the bike for 20 minutes before I get on the treadmill, maybe if I warm up with that my lower half will be loose and ready to harder. My new goal (Since I must be realistic here) is to run 2 minutes nonstop and to work on my breathing.

That's just part of the adventure though, right?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wash Your Hands, Folks!

I jinxed myself, just as I knew I would.

Currently housing a sick husband (Strep day 3, meds day 1), a daughter with Pink Eye (New one for us never knew about it until today, LOVOLY with her school pictures on Tuesday and Bluebonnet Pics on Thursday now not looking like they'll happen. Plus, my sweet Mother in-love has had a pesky cough for a few days which is allergy related but still...annoying for her.

Add that to the pot with moving fast approaching, our slumlord shorting us a lot of money from our deposit (shocker? No, didn't think so). And my Community Service hours being due by the 26th (all 60 of them!) while I am not able to get to Arlington everyday an you got a bit of a frazzled Brittnye ladies and gents.


Like they say, when it rains it pours.

Avery gets checked out tomorrow since we're sure it's viral conjunctivitis and since she has MDO and child care we have to make sure she's not contagious (just in case it's simply allergy related) however her insurance went out March 29th due to Evans new benefits kicking in on May 1st (so of course they both had to get sick in the 30 days we're not covered by insurance!)Evan got to see a doctor this morning and thanks to weekly paychecks and an iPhone app we ended up spending less than we were fearing and he is now back to being Evan and not so miserable as he was the past 2 days.

The me from a year ago would pout, boo hoo, and whine it up about fairness. Thank goodness I'm not that way anymore. I'm good at being Dr. Mom, I'm happy we're in Denton, so much so that I told Evan today after a very brief vent over our slumlords list of expenses he was taking from the deposit (He charged us 140.00 for fuel in his truck for a week since he lives in Granbury, legal? doubtful.) that I was fine not going after him for the rest of the money, let him have it. We're done with all things pertaining to living in Fort Worth and we got some back which we jokingly thought we wouldn't get any at all so I'll take that small blessing.

Guess this was the reason God lead us to not move in until the 15th or this weekend could have been 10x's worse on us.

Oh and just to rub it in the face of my northern friends, I am LOVING this mid-80's and sunshine!!!

There, random post complete.
-Brittnye  :)


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