Saturday, March 23, 2013

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The weekend is here!

Well....yeah, that about sums it up. The weekend is here, my laundry is done, my kitchen spotless, now just to do the rest of the house. I always find myself not cleaning so much during the week yet when the weekend arrives and I know Evan isn't going to work I suddenly have to clean my house. Never fails.

Nothing else to really blog about. I mean I think of things that in my mind sounds so awesome and perfectly structured for the most epic blog entry ever! Then I get that free time which is so rare to me these days, sit here and am blank.

Let's see, summed up month so far....

Evan turned 29 on the 14th (go easy on him, he's upset about being almost 30). Since he took off for my birthday earlier this month he had to work but the girls and I brought him Texas Roadhouse for dinner and we had a picnic in the back of the car in the Peterbilt parking lot, awesome right? Yes, I try.

Avery, deciding since she was a big sister she needed something to show her age. So off to the salon we went where she requested she get her hair "Just like mommy" and I sat in slightly teary-eyed bliss and sadness as she said goodbye to a good 3 inches of ratty, unmanageable, pain in my patience hair and hello to a cute shoulder length do. I love it and so does she and now, all I do is brush it and she's good to go. How else did she decide to show us she's a awesome big sister? She decided (after a chat about me no longer buying them) it was time to no longer need that 1 pull-up a day for #2. Yes, we are officially into our 2nd week of NO PULL-UPS. Which means, we have mastered potty training!!!!!!! (parents of the world rejoice with me.)

Evan and I are so proud and excited for her. We celebrated with ice cream (well, I watched them enjoy ice cream) and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese.

Alyssa is thriving. 2 months old already. Gah, time needs to knock it off. She looks more and more like me everyday! She's also sleeping longer in the night. She usually goes down around 11 and will wake up to eat and be changed around 4-5:30 then will go back to sleep until 8 or 9am. I'm so okay with this! She looked so cute on St. Patty's day but of course I forgot to get pics until she was changed and down for her afternoon nap. We even mached a bit. :( I have got to do better about picture taking. Especially of her and Avery together as well as mommy pics. I do exsist, I swear. I just happen to take far better pics than Evan. Easter! Easter, they have matching dresses so I'll be sure to take plenty of pictures.

And with that, my rare moment of free time is now over. Off to do something.....probably clean, because, sleep is over food.....sitting down for long periods of time, etc.


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Celebrate Good Times...Come On!

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday. Yeah, 28 years old and starting to realize I'm getting old. Perhaps having a baby and being sleep deprived doesn't help but there it is. Evan turns 29 next week and he's already freaking out about turning 30 soon. ha. I can not remember the last time I had such a fun and special Birthday. Don't get me wrong, I've had some good ones but this year was just nice and easy going with nothing too exciting happening and usually there's a group outing or small party with lots of friends and family. Not this year...nope. This year it was just Evan and I having a date night!

Evan used his floater day from work for my birthday so was off work all day! His parents came over and watched both the girls for us (Our first time away from Alyssa) while we went to Lewisville and had Hibachi for dinner to celebrate both our birthdays. There was only 1 other couple at our table and the chef asked if we wanted a full show or just a nice quiet meal to which we both said the latter. LOVED IT! He was amazing still with the fire and jokes and showmanship of cooking our food but it was a short/fast version and we got to enjoy our meal in a much quieter setting than the majority around us. The other couple was older and the husband asked me twice how long Evan and I had been dating which was funny seeing as my wedding ring was in plan sight. As we were both leaving I made a comment to Evan about checking on the girls to which the wife seemed shock to hear I had 2 children let alone a newborn at home. The husband started congratulating Evan for doing a "Good job!" and then adding how good it was for us to "Keep dating" He was British so maybe I was missing something? Anyway, they made our dinner kinda funny and not so hush hush.

After dinner we wanted dessert but didn't know where to go. We debated on driving to Frisco for Cheesecake when I remembered that most Barnes & Nobles have a Starbucks cafe with desserts, so we drove to the nearest one. As we walked in the cafe we both recognized the manager as a guy we went to High School with, not just any random guy but my freshmen year he was one of my closest friends, he was also in the Chemistry class where Evan and I met and joined in on the journal we passed around and wrote notes in! Evan wanted to see if he recognized us so we decided not to say anything until after we ordered our stuff. Once he saw us he made small talk but kept staring at me when suddenly he realized who I was and came rushing around the counter to hug me and Evan and was super excited to see us. We hadn't seen each other since our Wedding so he was so happy to hear and see we were still together and had kids now. When he asked what we were doing we told him it was my birthday and he gave us our cheesecake for free and also made me a special drink on the house. It was so sweet of him and getting to catch up was also great. Evan and I will definitely be seeing him soon.

We headed back to Denton and rented movies then said bye to Nan and Gary and Avery as they were taking her for the weekend to have some one on one time with her (she was so excited). Ate our cheesecake, snuggled up on the couch after we got Alyssa down and watched movies until we both crashed.

Saturday was amazing as we slept in until 9am (Alyssa has been sleeping 6-7hr stretches). Cleaned the house a bit before getting ready to run errands. We shopped for Alyssa and Avery then drove to Grapevine to BassPro so Evan could try to find ammo and a cleaning kit for his handgun and just look around. After that we went to Southlake where we enjoyed Central Market for some goodies for us as well as our friends Ross & Therese who were in the area for the weekend and having dinner with us in Arlington. I love Central Market, seriously...I could spend a whole day there. Got to dinner where Alyssa continued to be the best baby ever by never crying or fussing but being super mellow and sleeping off and on. She only fussed once in the car and we were out and about for over 5hrs!

So if you read my blog, you know Ross and Therese. We met back in Feb of 2009 at an engagement party for Evans best friend Nick, whose (now) wife Kate went to TCU with Therese. Evan and Therese were in the wedding party and Avery was only 6wks old so we had her with us and Therese being a NICU nurse was instantly wanting to see and play with her. We soon learned we had a lot in common and both lived in Fort Worth. Add that Evan and Ross were both Architect majors and we hit it off great. After the wedding we started hanging out, going on runs together, dinner dates, movie dates and enjoying our mutual love of Central Market. Ross and Therese became very special to us. They literally made living in Fort Worth not so miserable for me. Then Ross accepted a grad school offer in Kansas and they moved away to Kansas City. I even went with Therese on her trip to KC to find an apartment for them to live in and we also helped pack them up on moving day. I remember driving back home and just crying, I thought for sure I'd never see Therese or hang out with her again.

So wrong. Over the past 3yrs Therese has been down here to visit about once a year and once Ross surprised her with a trip down to Fort Worth just to have dinner with Nick, Kate, Evan and I. We also email, FB and Blog stalk each other and have random days where we txt nonstop and an occasionally phone date. Therese is just one of the biggest blessings in my life and our friendship although not big on face to face time is still one of the strongest friendships I have. So when she txt me and asked what Birthday plans we had I was super stoked when she asked if they could be a part of them since it just so happened they were coming to DFW for the weekend as Ross had a conference at UTA!!! Talk about awesome timing and an amazing gift for my birthday.

So we had dinner at our favorite Sushi place, Piranha Sushi, and got to catch up over delicious food. You'd never think we hadn't seen each other in almost 2 years! They also got to meet Alyssa which was neat since Avery was that little the first time we met them! I know they were sad about missing Avery this time as they adore her too. It was the perfect ending to such a nice day with Evan and it made my Birthday that much special. :)

 Meeting Alyssa.
 Just like old times.

 The original group. Evan, Me, Nick, Kate, Ross & Therese.
 Avery helping "Tree" Move to KC.
Just Chilling with Mr. Ross.

From Therese last visit in 2010

Girls Night Out.  Before she had to go back to KS.2010

                                        Us 2013                                      Us 2009

One of many activities together...

I said it on FB but I'll say it again. I've come to learn with age that when it comes to friendships I'll take Quality over Quanity anytime. Some friendships are just too special to let distance, time apart, life and other things take away from it.

March Madness

March is here already? Seriously didn't we just ring in the New year?

March is always a busy month for us, with birthdays, celebrations and spring break it tends to get filled up. This year having Easter being added to it means we'll be extra busy. Not that I mind that, it helps out in small ways to be productive and social but this year seems to be flying by as is and add a busy schedule, it goes even quicker.

Things I'm looking forward to this month:
  • My Birthday (I turned 28 last Friday)
  • Evans Birthday. (next week)
  • St. Patty's Day!
  • Good Friday
  • Easter
  • Dallas Arboretum Trip
  • Averys room make-over
  • 5k training.
  • Starting back at the Shelter.
  • Warmer weather
Add in a few dentist/eye and doctor appointments and there you have it. Avery also has spring break next week so I'm trying to think and plan a few fun things to do to make the days more fun for us. Anyone want to have a play date or park date?



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