Saturday, December 31, 2011

From our Family to Yours


May 2012 be a BLESSED year for you and yours.


Brittnye, Evan & Avery
(Gus and Paris too!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

All About Avery.

Happy Birthday!!
December 19, 2008
4:49pm 6lbs 5.9oz 19inches long

6 months old
My adorable cuepie doll.

1 year old
"Belle of the ball"

1.5 yrs old
Ready to go to school.

2yrs old
"Little bit country, little bit rock n' roll"

2.5yrs old

Happy Birthday
Getting so big on us!!!!!

3 Years and I still get emotional

I know, I know I am almost a week behind here but it has been one super hectic week FULL of family, friends and adventures!!! Avery and I just got in from an over-night trip to Austin and are currently packing everything up and organizing for our trip to NM and CO tomorrow!!! It's FINALLY here.

Monday was our sweet Avery Claire's 3rd Birthday!

Can YOU believe she is THREE? I sure can't.

We didn't have a party for her in my usual crazy mom fashion but we really didn't have the time with so much family coming in that day as well as over the weekend. We did however, have cupcakes and opened gifts to celebrate her special day.

Needless to say she is one LOVED and SPOILED girl. Who is busy with her new dolls, Doll size pack n play, high chair and stroller, Portable DVD player (for the future trips in the car), cute girly outfits, Glittery red TOMS and 2 new barbie movies. *sigh* Our tom boy is turning into a girly girl!

Avery Claire,
    It gets harder and harder for me to accept that you are no longer my sweet baby but that you are turning into a amazingly kind, sweet natured, funny and compassionate Little girl whose spirit lights up any room she's in. You make your mommy and daddy so proud of you! You truly enrich our lives. You are so smart and quick witted, your always so helpful and you make this parenting job more of a reward than a job. I love you more each day and am so proud to be your mommy.
I love your zest for all things, your ability to make someone happy with a smile, a wave or a cute giggle. I also love how you sing and dance to EVERYTHING.
Always remember to keep yourself in the positive, to never back down from a challenge in life and to say your prayers at bedtime. Eating your veggies, brushing your teeth and wearing clean underwear is also a must my dear.

Happy 3rd Birthday Cuppycake,
Love Mommy

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Life is busy.

December usually is, I know, but still...WHEW.

As we speak my sister and sweet baby niece are on a plane from North Carolina headed to DFW. Avery and I are excited to pick them up although not in this rain we're currently having but meh. It's going to be so weird having a baby in the house. Glad I kept Averys infant car seat and pack n' play!

Then tomorrow Avery has her class Christmas party and I'll be bringing cupcakes to celebrate her birthday as well. Friday I'll be in NM with Gary for the day, Saturday is prepping for Averys birthday family dinner and last minute Christmas shopping, Sunday is church followed by a lunch to celebrate Avery. Monday is her 3rd birthday and we're treating a few friends kids to free Chuck E. Cheese for a bit but it's not a party. Then a few days to pack and organize for our trip to NM and CO. Then I take Desi to Austin to be with her dad, Avery goes to NM with her Nina, Pawpa and Great Oma while Evan has to work the 23rd (boo) then Evan and I will be getting on the road for NM around 12:30am on Christmas Eve.

Again WHEW.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Baby is Growing UP!

Today was Avery's MDO Christmas program during Church. She was sooo cute and PTL there were ZERO tears on stage and we (Evan, my mom, Nan & Gary) all got to sit and watch her perform from a safe distance away and laugh with her little antics. (She is so silly)

While you watching her cute friends perform, she is dead center in the red dress with the red bow on her head. She's also the one who starts laughing with the jingling bells and after EVERY song starts clapping her hands and yelling "YAYYYYYY!"

Sorry about the poor quality, Evan was being resourceful with his windows phone and the zoom is horrible!

So proud of my big girl, hard to believe she'll be 3 very soon!!!!

Enjoy your Sunday,

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Baby, it's cold outside!

For Texas, That's huge! Been raining the last 2 days here and with it the temps have dropped, not that I'm complaining. We stocked up on S'more makings and have plenty of firewood on standby for nights like this, I bought and enjoyed my first eggnog of the season, Christmas movies and music are on a lot and Evan and I jokingly say this is to prepare us for our trip in 2 weeks when we're in a log cabin in the New Mexico mountains surrounded by snow.

Have I mentioned how excited we are? Probably, yeah, I thought so....

I still feel like I have a million things to do for this trip and I am trying not to go into panic mode. I know that where we are staying has been getting snow since late October! This weekend alone they received 5-8 inches. So now I'm freaking out thinking how I may need to buy Avery some more pants and thermals and a heavier coat so she can play in it and not get wet. Alas, I'm a TEXAN we don't know how to dress for Snow that actually accumulates and sticks for more than a day or two!

I'll be driving with Gary to Clayton, NM on the 16th to pick up his mom who lives in Denver. I love road trips and even though it's 8 hours in a car only to turn around and drive 8 hours back...I'm totally excited about it. Again, I say this and yet a week from the day we'll be doing the exact same drive only add an hour. Pretty much every destination on this trip from point A to B to C to D is average 8 hours and we're making the perfect square on the map. :)

 I just hope Avery will do okay being in the car so much. We have a DVD player and she will have the new leapfrog explorer (A Birthday gift she'll be getting) and we have a TON of Disney audio books to play. Plus side is, we're not in any rush so Evan has mentioned that if we get too wound up we'll just crash at a motel and continue on the next day because this is a vacation and vacations shouldn't be timed to the minute. Again, we're pretty excited.

I still have a few more gifts to make/purchase but so far, I seem to be ahead of the game. I think anyway....

How about you? Anything happening over the holidays you are excited about?


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