Thursday, November 1, 2012


It's here, it's here!

November. The time of year where FALL officially comes to life in Texas, Thanksgiving arrives and the shopping and countdown to Christmas begins. I must say it saddens me how stores try to rush the holidays on us. Halloween is less than a day past and yet most stores have had Christmas decor/gifts/themes/etc. out for weeks now!!!

Slow down people.

Don't even get me started on how commercialized Christmas has become either, people forget far to easily what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is and why we celebrate it.

I woke up this morning just excited about November. I have no real reason why, it just lifted my spirit. I think the realization that the end of the year and holidays and so many events are fast approaching just makes "Little Miss's" arrival more real for me. As I said before, there are so many changes happening for us and we are so excited about them.(Such As)

  1. Family pictures/ Avery's school pictures.
  2. Avery's Thanksgiving feast at School.
  3. Starting on the girls room.
  4. Thanksgiving. (super low-key this year)
  5. Avery's Birthday pics.
  6. My Baby Shower.
  7. Avery's 4th Birthday.
  8. Christmas
  9. Our 7th Anniversary.
  10. NYE
  11. Jarrod & Sarah's visit.
  12. Little Miss's arrival.
All within the next 79 DAYS!

Also, in an attempt to blog more and not drive FB people crazy, I will be doing my DAILY November Thankful post. Rather than waiting for the end of the month I plan on taking a few moments a day to blog about something I am truly Thankful for this year.

Can YOU think of a few things you are Thankful for this year? Anything you are looking forward to in the coming days/weeks?

-Britt & Co.

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