Sunday, December 2, 2012



Already 3 days in too, craziness.

"Little Miss" will be here soon....I'm sorry, I meant SOON. I suddenly feel super unprepared and not ready since we have NOTHING ready. Although, after my baby shower coming up this weekend I'm sure I'll feel a little less freaked out when she has actual clothes to wear and diapers.  Evan and I have picked out her car seat/stroller and crib and will be purchasing said items at the beginning of next week.

Can I just say, since December is the Friday of months, why does it fly by so stinking fast and WHY does it have to be so BUSY.

My next 2wks look like a crazy persons schedule. Plus, I'm no longer allowed to drive due to my pregnancy, was on modified bed rest last week and got a nice painful shot in the rear to stop my body from trying to evict "Little Miss" early.

If I can just survive the next 16-23days, I'll be happy with whatever happens with her.

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