Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday!


I'm a bit in denial right now, I feel almost overwhelmed that it's already a week before Christmas. No, not because of Christmas itself. I've finished 80% of all that needs to be done. I think it's more that this year is almost over.

The past week has been pretty emotional for me, shocking news, 2 deaths, family drama and an epic ice storm can do that though. Add that in the middle of the peak emotional-ness I was in, we fostered a sweet cat who was recovering from having her leg amputated and my plate broke in half.

I'm doing better, I'm healing. Thanks to our new addition and Avery and Alyssa keeping me blissfully distracted it's easier to let the things I cannot and will not control just....go! Just in time for a new emotional round to hit me though.

Today, our sweet Alyssa Jane is 11 months old! 11, as in almost 12. In 4 very short weeks our baby will be ONE. My uterus can't handle that.

Even worse? This amazing not so little human being is 5 today!
I know, I know, process that for a few...


Half a decade. 

I recently wrote this in my prayer journal.."A year is no longer viewed as a long time to me. Measures of time are now seen with different memories as time stamps. Blinks, days, quiet moments, happy tears, small achievements and somber tones to go with the sometimes overwhelming feeling of just being ridiculously blessed.
 How I wish I could capture so many moments and bottle them up for the girls to watch/witness when they are older."

So in keeping with my blog tradition:

Avery Claire-
 Today you are 5. Seems like yesterday your Aunt Desi was painting my toes and sharing in my joy and fear of heading to the hospital to have you. I love thinking back and reminiscing about all the struggles your pregnancy had. How truly insignificant they all seem now when at the time we were so fearful of the unknown and afraid to think we could lose you. As it was then, and continues to be now, God has great things planned for you.
 You are my joy. A bright light in our family that shines brighter everyday. You will never understand until you become a mother, just what you did to your daddy and I. We are eternally grateful for your birth because it brought with it such powerful revelations of what marriage is about. It showed us what love can create, just exactly who we are and how what we need to strive to be can easily be achieved when we put aside our personal needs and focus on others.
 You make me a better person. You make me laugh daily, cry from happiness and sometimes I feel like my heart is going to burst from joy.
 You have the sweetest spirit, you are kind and joyful. Your sense of humor is ridiculous at times. You are a protective big sister who loves to make her sister laugh and encourages her daily.
 I could brag about you forever my sweet girl.
 Our prayer for you this year is that you continue to let your love of The Lord shine through. Stay joyful. Follow your heart and stay true to what it says to you. Play more, get a little dirty, wear more dresses (for your mom!). Sing no matter who may be listening. Make silly faces to express how you feel and most importantly... Know how much you are loved daily.
Every year will be a flood of emotions as we celebrate you. No matter how old you are.

Happy Birthday Bayboo,
We love you! (Mommy & Daddy)


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