Tuesday, June 19, 2012


So unless you live on an isolated island with no cell phone service, or media outlet I'm pretty sure it's safe to say everyone knows of our exciting news.

Baby #2 is due in January!!!!

We are very excited. Avery is super thrilled and although she can't seem to make up her mind what she wants between a brother or sister she understands she's going to be a big sister and she is so happy. I'm doing good besides having every basic symptom this go round. We knew SUPER early on that we were expecting when I was dizzy and tired 24/7, got lost driving somewhere (I'm a human GPS) and when I was nauseous over anything with a scent. So far the morning sickness has stayed away for awhile but it comes and goes now which isn't as fun.

I guess I had it easy with Avery, I had zero symptoms until we were 18wks. Then it was complications and hospital stays every other week it seemed. Our prayer for this pregnancy is for it to be smooth and healthy with minimal issues. If we can make it past 35wks I'll be super excited too. So far other than a "chocolate cyst" we had to take care of we are doing good and everything is looking to stay that way.

I'm pretty sure this time we won't be so crazy with updates and pictures and mentioning every little move baby makes like we did with Avery. :) Here's hoping January gets here fast.

Feeling so Blessed,
Brittnye, Evan & Avery

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