Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful: Day 4

Day 4-

I'm Thankful for our Church family.

We have always been Blessed in this way from MSBC to now Gracepointe. Even with the church merger and life happening and people moving away or going elsewhere we have made some of the best friendships and relationships through our church families. We have an army of love from them and in times of need they have come through for us in ways we can never fully repay them for.

We love our church, our pastor, our small group. We love watching Avery go to school there and the friendships she's making. Before she was even born and the Children's building wasn't even up and running I doubt we knew just what exactly it would mean to us and our family in so many ways. Avery has been there in the MDO/ Kidzone program since birth, I've worked there for 3yrs...just so much for us to process and be Thankful for from just the Children's building, the ministry alone.

Seriously, I don't even know where to begin the more I sit here and think of all the amazing people we have in our lives just from our Church family.

So Thankful for them, for Gracepointe Church, for Pastor Dave and his love and passion for the written word and for his fellowship.

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