Monday, October 22, 2012

Things are about to change around here....

I feel like I am repeating myself a lot and sounding more and more like a broken record. Time is just rushing by it seems and this pregnancy has been proof of just that! It's already the end of October! Weren't we all just talking about the end of summer and school starting again?!

Life is still blissfully busy yet mundane for the Hartfield house. We are getting geared up to start organizing and redoing a lot of the house to welcome Little Miss come January. Hard to believe I am already 6m into this pregnancy. Avery is getting excited about being a big sister and has had her ups and downs with dealing with the reality that she is about to share the spotlight. I knew it would happen, I've prayed about it and have tried my best to just reassure her that she is still my girl and she is still loved by everyone. Some days are good, others are a trial. Bless her sweet heart.

Since the girls are sharing a room I have been in full on decorating and envisioning mode. Between Nan and I though, this is going to be so fun and Avery will have more room to play and still have her own space while Little Miss has her side too. I think that since she will be in our room the first several months that Avery will get used to the transition and will probably throw a fit that her baby sister isn't in her bed and is in her bassinet all the time. Anything to make it easier for everyone. I'm secretly starting to panic about being a mom of 2!!

I feel very huge but I know I'm not. Other than having gestational diabetes, this pregnancy has been AMAZING and I am loving it. Little Miss is a mover and a kicker and getting to share those kicks with Avery has given me such sweet memories. Avery is all about her sister, and loves to kiss her and blow bubbles on her and make her kick her hand and talks to her about her day at school to her fave cartoons to laying down the rules once baby sister "comes out to play with me". Let's hope it stays that way well into the teen years.

Other than pregnancy, getting ready to start getting ready for another little one, Avery and her school and Evan busy with is just life and I don't have much to report on. Avery is going to be a Princess for Halloween and last night we carved pumpkins. No trick or treating as I just don't feel safe with her doing that let alone she's 3 and doesn't need all that candy so she will wear her costume for school and our Church's trunk or treat. Nina and Pawpa may be taking her to the Malloween next Saturday but they may have a better plan of spending their time together. :)

I'll end with a few pictures of life lately.

Until next time,
Feeding her piggy bank...

Can you believe she will be 4 soon!?

Decorating her Pumpkin.

She touched the inside of the pumpkin then told Evan it was icky and she couldn't help him with it because she was a girl. He made her Hello Kitty pumpkin from her shirt and she was sooooo happy.

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