Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Incase you were unaware...106* it too hot!

Allow me to say the dumbest thing a Texan can say during the summer months.....IT IS HOT! Okay, well, hot is an understatement it is just down right oppressive and that's in the shade. *pregnant lady grumble*
I'm so THANKFUL for central air and ice water. Also the fact that my sweet daughter has no problem living like hermit and not seeing the sunlight with me as we do not leave the house unless we have too. I ran errands yesterday for 3hrs and when I got home, took a 2hr nap, it just zaps everything out of you. Didn't I just say recently how happy I was about getting my energy back now that I'm in the 2nd trimester?! Where did it go?

We had a great weekend, between a birthday party and a wedding on Saturday to church and celebrating dads birthday at the water park Sunday we were all asleep by 9pm Sunday night (unheard of in our home). I failed to get Avery's little cheeks so she got a tad burned and didn't like sitting on Monday :(. I forgot my face since I never get sunburned on my face but wow, yeah....lesson learned. The next few weekends are (dare I say it) EMPTY. No plans, no events other than church, just free time and with Evans schedule at work being wonky he is off Thurs-Tues which makes me so happy!

I must say I'm having weird issues with this pregnancy, nothing physical mind you but I am so beyond lax about it all. For the past week I haven't felt pregnant at all other than eating weird stuff and a rare but occasionally nudge from the baby. I have planned nothing, haven't thought about what needs to be done, NOTHING. With Avery, once I was 15wks I was in PANIC MODE. I freaked about not being prepared, I organized and planned and shopped and had it all figured out. The only thing I have really talked with Evan about is that if this baby is a girl, we will not move next spring, Avery and the baby can share a room. If it's a boy then we can move once our lease is up. Also colors for a nursery but that seems invalid because there is no nursery this time, the baby will share our room until we move or arrange Avery's room which will mean a new coat of paint, that's it. We decided we'll hang fabric on the wall for the corner the baby will occupy in our room. nothing fancy. Again, so NOT how I am!!!!

Maybe it will change once we find out what we're having in 3 weeks. :)

Other than that, life is still good. We have 5 foster kittens in our home who are so easy to care for. I'm loving all the cuddles and playfulness they have but they eat and then sleep for hours so it's pretty quiet for the most part. :) Heidi, Salsa, Pee-wee, Pancake & Squeaky (we didn't name them, they do fit though!)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life Update

Oh my poor, neglected blog!

I know I said I wasn't going to over indulge on this pregnancy but I didn't mean just stop blogging all together! This summer has been pretty busy, good busy but busy. I feel like I'm finally able to play catch up.

Evans job has been a little worrisome with production being down and layoffs being rumored but THANKFULLY he survived the first round of layoffs and even though the loss of production days is temporary, we've turned his short work weeks into lots of fun family time. Avery and I feel so spoiled getting daddy home 4 nights a week instead of just on the weekends. I will say it's been nice on my low energy days with this pregnancy because Evan is AMAZING with letting me nap or helping me out with house stuff or Avery's high energy. :)

Avery is growing like a weed! She is getting taller which is hard to believe since she's always been above average but this summer she has shot up 2 sizes in shoes alone! Her speech is very pronounced and her personality just explodes now that she can communicate so much better. I love her random comments or cutesy phrases. So hard to believe she'll be 4 in December! She's also finally conquered potty training!!! (Tee tee anyway) What did the trick? CHEVY. He visited us one weekend and used her princess potty and Avery did not like that!!! As soon as she saw him use HER potty, she decided it was hers and only hers and started using it the next day. Now she won't use her potty but the big potty. We're still hit or miss out in public but if we make sure she goes before we leave the house she doesn't have accidents and she gets so tickled when she wears her panties. Getting her 100% potty trained before Baby arrives was a worry for me but come delivery time I have no doubt she will be completely potty trained.
She's loving the summer time.
As for me and Baby? We are doing great. This pregnancy is by far easier than Avery's was, even with the horrible morning sickness and fatigue I am loving it. We are in the 2nd trimester now and in 3wks we find out if we're PINK or BLUE. I'm hoping for a boy this time but a part of me has a feeling this is another girl. Guess we will see, I swore Avery was a boy and all the old wives tales pointed to boy but she is ALL girl. No matter what God blesses us with we are just so elated to be having another baby. Avery is already an amazing big sister and she even picked the girls name we decided on. She loves to kiss and hug my belly and she talks to the baby daily. I'm feeling kicks now but nothing too big yet, Evan got to feel a few on Saturday while we were camping and at our OB appointment the baby kept kicking the doppler. I feel them especially at bedtime or very early morning when I'm laying still in bed. :) So ready for them to be felt by everyone, especially Avery.

                                                        Rocking the bump @14wks
 I'm also having cravings like crazy lately, the first month I barely ate much from being so sick and lost 6lbs. Then once I hit 9wks it was Mexican food every day, every meal, especially nachos! Now, not so much... This week it's been sweets, mainly pie. I blame our pie shop stop Sunday while heading home from our camping trip because now my freezer is stocked with this....
Pie anyone?!

Other than that we are all doing good. Enjoying family time, mini trips, pool time and staying cool in this Texas heat. I'm also doing a Woman's bible study at Church and am so glad to finally be doing more in our church, this transition into Gracepoint has been easier than I first thought which is weird since it's been almost 8months but I'm just now making time to be more involved like I was with MSBC. I love our church, our church family and I love watching Avery grow up in this atmosphere of believers. That's a whole other blog entry though. :)

                                                       Oh how I missed quiet times.

How about you my sweet readers? How are you doing? I feel so out of the blog loop and my HLC is beyond neglected as well, I must try to stay updated better and make time to write, it's so nice to have something to fall back on and to keep me accountable.

Love and Blessings,


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