Wednesday, March 23, 2011



I had intended to be very informative on my horrible Tuesday but now, looking at some of my photos and crying a lot today and dealing with a situation that is just going to test me on my patience I've decided to keep it a bit low-key. I will say I left the house at 8:30am and didn't get back home until 5:45pm in which I ate dinner, took a much needed bubble bath and went to bed around 7:15pm (yeah it was that bad). Only now, I am up at midnight and doubt I get back to sleep anytime soon.

So, I'm not sure when or where although we're pretty sure it took place Friday. I got bite by a spider. Not just any spider but according to the nurse I saw  it looks like a wood spider. I never felt anything bite me and since the location of the bite is quite confusing I really don't know how I wouldn't have not noticed anything on me.

You see, I got bit on my breast. YEP, my boob, lady lump, tata, you name it...

It's on my left breast right where my bra would meet in the middle, not under my bra line or bust but right at the apex so it's like the spider might have fallen down my top (if I had a t-shirt on it wouldn't have gotten me) and had just landed and took aim.

I first noticed the weird yellow/red bump on Saturday and it hurt to touch and felt like this odd knot. By Sunday, it had spread but not like a pimple or ingrown hair but more in depth and the color went from red to green to black. (sorry if it's TMI)

So today I went and got it checked out due to how painful it was getting and how ugly it looked. Evan was sure it was a bite since you can even see two little puncture marks above the well made wound.

The nurse took one look and started asking me questions. Fever? Chills? Vomiting? Nausea? Dizzy? all to which I said no except a headache since Sunday and it hurting to breath, touch or lay on. They ended up numbing it topically and then lanced it. Which, I may add, hurt like I can not even begin to describe, I'd take natural child birth over that pain any day!!

She drained it, seared it (which burned so bad!) loaded it with antibiotic cream and sealed it back up. I may have to repeat this process if it produces more but I'm hoping it was a one time thing. It still looks bad and feels raw and like I have a nerve getting zapped every now and then but the swelling is gone and the hard knot seems to have dissipated a bit.

Lesson learned. I doubt I got it here at the apartment, I've never seen a spider up here. I may have gotten it Wed while at the park with Avery. They say it takes a few days to notice a bite unless you have a reaction to it. Wood spider cans be dangerous to some people and others (like me) not so much. Wood spiders are also very common little guys here in Texas so...yeah.

I have a few before and after shots but I will not be posting them as I once had planned, nor will I post pictures of a wood spider up just gives me the chills.

Still waiting to hear from the sweet women we applied with for a duplex in Denton. She did call me Monday and is supposed to call me tomorrow to confirm a yes or no. They called my work today to verify employment and she didn't care about me being on Deferred Judification and told us it was mainly to check renters history which we're A-OK on so here's praying tomorrows call helps push this week back into a good and happy one.

I also started a BSF here in Denton with my sweet mother in-love. We went and registered and received our first lesson, I even met my teacher and I can already tell I am going to L-O-V-E this study. Right now it's on Isaiah and in September they will start ACTS and the apostles. (WOOT!)

This is what moving to Denton was all about. Meeting new people, joining new groups, getting out and getting active.
Other things we're doing in the community:
*Awanas on Wed. (Avery will get to be in a class!)
*Gymnastics on Thursdays (She starts in April!)
*Volunteering at the Pregnancy resource center (Evan loves it!)
*BSF on Mondays
*North Lakes and South Lakes Running trails (so going to purchase a jogging stroller soon)

Now to just get a home and move in! I so love this duplex and she already said I can paint (no black or red though) and I've already got the bathroom laid out and possibly the living room paint color chosen so this just needs to happen. :)

I know, I know I need to stop putting my chicks out before their hatched.


  1. How painful! I'm sorry you got bitten and had to deal with the ER.

    On another note, my mom has done BSF several times and loves it!

  2. Nan has done it too in the past and so has Gary so they were thrilled with the idea. It'll now be Nan and I'd mom/daughter date nights with dinner beforehand.

    It used to be a 5 year thing now it's 8 so I know this'll be wonderful and just what I need both personally and as a parent. :)

  3. o me o my. im going to have nightmares.




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