Thursday, March 31, 2011

Delayed entry....

I should have posted this a week ago but life got crazy as it usually does but, I'm home sick from work today (Joy), Avery is at MDO and I can't stand daytime television so here we are!



Yep, yep, yep! It's ours. We signed the lease last week and paid the deposit. Tomorrow I meet with our landlady (Ms.Sharon) to show her our paint colors for approval and to pay the pet deposit. We move in on the 15th of April!!! I posted an entire album of before shots of each room on my FB so check them out so you can bask in the complete blessing this house is for us. I'll post the after pics next month obviously.

The plan is to spend May prepping the house up for a "BBQ HouseWarming Shin-Dig" in June. This place is perfect for hosting get-togethers and especially outdoor ones on our deck and patio!! I'm so excited. I must say I am truly Thankful to the Lord for making this so easy. I literally can only give him all the glory since he put me in that neighborhood when I've never been through it (in my own Hometown no less), He lead me to that cul-de-sac when I never get lost let alone take a wrong turn (Seriously, I'm a human GPS, ask my family and friends) and he knew to find a place for the other couple that wanted it but backed out last minute so we could have it and all within 5 days of me calling to inquire about it! Easiest move/house hunt to date for us!

I could just cry when I think about everything that's happend to us the last 4 months, how scary it all seemed then and yet life is at a very high point for us now. Evans LOVING his new job, we're back home after 5 years of saying we wanted to move back, Averys getting new friends and functions to do rather than us being cooped up in a run-down house in a scary neighborhood all day, we're so much happier than we were. Life is just joyful again.

Don't get me wrong, I am still leery and I know not to brag too much because I'll just be asking for something to happen but truly, we feel so blessed and we know God is in control and taking care of us, our family, our future, there's no doubt.

I can't wait to get Paris & Gus here and back with us, a month being boarded has been so sad for all of us. I went and visited them yesterday and it about broke my heart. Gus literally walked over to me, headbutted me then laid his head on my chest and sat there while I loved on him, like he was telling me "Just take me home mom, please." and Paris has lost weight which is good but she ain't happy and is vocally letting everyone know about it. LOL 2 more weeks...

Yay for a new home!


  1. hmmm no promises, but a housewarming BBQ might be a good reason for us to get down to Ft. Worth this summer. Keep us posted...

  2. @Therese- Theres more than that reason here's a few others...
    #3-Ross's Sister (Hello small world for Dentonites)
    #4- I'll need your help with baby shower announcements since WE'RE PREGNANT WITH #2!!!
    #5- 2 precious little boys just 30min south
    #6- Central Market
    #7- Obviously the Box's and Hartfield triple threat date nights.
    #8- There are 3 running trails all within a 10min drive from my place.
    #9- you can lurk at the neighbors side for that dream duplex in Tx. :) (I can dream)
    #10- Getting out of town with the hubby to be together is always nice.
    #11-Sunshine and tan lines!
    #12- Number 4 was totally a April Fools Joke.....Sorry.




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