Thursday, March 3, 2011

Birthday Smirfday, where's my cake?

This week has been pretty darn productive.

Tuesday was my birthday, the big 2-6! I must say I have to hand it to FB, it has stolen lots of money from the birthday card industry. I however did not mind because I had 97 Birthday wishes on my page, in which in the pre- FB days would have resulted in about 4-9 Birthday cards (not counting family mind you) in the mail.

It was a very, very low key birthday. Evan and I took Avery to MDO then headed to Fort Worth to finish packing up the last of the boxes in the house and I finished cleaning it from top to bottom. Knowing our landlord I doubt we get much of our deposit back but honestly, as he drove off from inspecting it that morning, I suddenly stopped caring. I've decided it's not worth the effort anymore to argue with the man because we officially are done with that house. Not in a bad way, I mean, the house is in need of several updates (for a post I shoulda woulda coulda done months ago) and we were more than patient and lienient. Anyways...

That was my big gift, getting the house over and done with. We're officially Dentonites yet again!

We celebrated with free Freebirds with Evans dad (They literally gave us lunch for free because it was my birthday!) and then spent the afternoon packing our storage unit to the brim before picking up Avery.

 Evan and his dad had to work so Nan, Avery and I ended up going next door (Because Evan took the car with her carseat in it) and had dinner at Siam House which was SUPER yummy.

I then played Plants Vs. Zombies until 2am. Yeah, super low-key birthday. Evan got me that kidsy game along with Toy Story 3. Nan got me beautiful Tulips with mini-cupcakes and a Target GC and my mom got me a Macy's GC. So it was a really nice birthday.

I took advantage today and went shopping for some clothes. I ended up buying Avery 2 outfits along with 2 tops and a nice pair of running shorts for myself. Evan lectured me on buying Avery more outfits when I am in need of new clothes. I feel guilty shopping for myself anymore though and since I've gained back 10 pounds from the 30 I lost, I'm not really too eager to go try stuff on. Those mirrors are rigged so help me!

I say this as I look to my left and there is an almost empty box of Girl Scout cookies.....

Yep, time to start running again.

Haha, I'm just loving life right now. The move is over, we're in Denton where we belong, Evan starts his new job on Monday, I start my new community service in Arlington on Saturday, bills are paid, Avery is thriving, family is closer, friends are abundant.......LIFE IS GOOD AGAIN.

God provides in every way and that has been more than apparent the last 3 weeks.

Could this post be mcuh more random? I blame the cookies.


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  1. I always blame the cookies, too ;-) I'm glad you had a great birthday! And now I wish I could mail you a cake...



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