Sunday, March 13, 2011

Didn't we just do this?

Take a look at what God blessed me with!!!

Yep, hard to imagine that he is the one God chose for me out of BILLIONS of men in the world. Even harder to imagine is that 10 years ago in August we met for the first time in that Pre-AP Chemistry class with a teacher who shared our sarcasms, good times.

Today my wonderful husband turns 27!

Happy Birthday Beloved.

This past year was truly a test for you in many areas but you persevered and have truly made me beyond proud of you. I'm so excited that you are seeing and feeling Gods love yet again and that your faith is getting renewed. I love you EP, truly I do. Through good times AND bad, in sickness AND health for richer OR poorer....isn't that what we said that day?

To my daughters amazing father, who still catches me off-guard with emotion when I walk in on a sweet moment between you two. How she ADORES you and lights up when you get home makes me in awe sometimes, you are her HERO in all ways and I know you know that. How she looks like you yet just like me too. You are a GREAT girls daddy :).

I have loved sharing these last 10 birthdays with you, here's to 70 more (minimum).

                                                         Was he not a stinking cutie?!

-Britt & Avery

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