Friday, March 11, 2011

Memories that turn into traditions.....

Tonight I'm pretty sure I started a new tradition with Avery, one I'm more than happy about.

I make cookies or some delicious baked good 1-3x's a week so it's no surprise that Avery takes notice and gets really intrigued with what I'm doing in the kitchen. Tonight while I got out Nan's mixer and set it on the counter Avery grabbed my leg and shouted "UP!". I set her on the counter and showed her each ingredient and Evan ran and grabbed the camera due to "How cute you both look" and this is how it went......

yeah, check out that hand print of flour I got from Avery.....

Smelling the Vanilla...

Next we add the sugar...


I could eat her up on a daily basis..

Pretty Girl.

So yes, we may have started a new tradition of making goodies together. Makes my heart burst with joy with how much fun we had and how much she enjoyed helping me and took it all in. Makes me wish and long for her to be able to share moments like this as memories with her kids someday.

Cherish sweet moments my friends,


  1. Awww I STILL love baking in the kitchen with my mom. Such a great bonding activity! Oh and tell her vanilla smells amazing, but it tastes terrible out of the bottle. I learned that the hard way when I was her age ;-)

  2. I'm crying because this is precious! :) (and I might or not be a little hormonal...)



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