Sunday, January 15, 2012

Randomness is Bliss, right?

I know, she's pretty awesome.

So this week was pretty basic in boring routine except we started the big challenge of Toddlerhood with Avery. Oh yeah, we started Potty Training!! I'll spare the details but she has been doing better than I thought she would. few accidents the first day but by day 3 she doesn't need to be asked or followed constantly and she runs to the potty. However, that's with going teetee. Avery is terrified to go poopie in the potty. I guess I need to research more on it but she literally runs and hides if she has to go poopie but once she goes poopie she knows where it has to go "in the potty" she has been awesome at letting us know she needs a pull up on to do her business (THANK YOU LORD FOR NOT HANDING ME THAT MESS) and then we go to the big potty and flush the, if I can just get her to see that going both teetee and poopie in the potty is the same happiness and excitement level.

I also had my eye appointment on Tuesday. I now have a temp pair of glasses until my new ones come in next week! I must say I'm glad I went. It's been over 6 years since I had glasses due to migraines I would get from a seizure disorder I had for years but once my seizures stopped the migraines did too so I stopped wearing glasses. About a year ago I noticed that I would get headaches at night. I figured it was from being a new mommy and lack of sleep. Then a few things started happening and frequent enough that I knew it wasn't from fatigue. During our trip over the Christmas break it finally caused enough alarm to Evan and I that he made me make an appointment to be safe.

Pretty much I have a slight condition with my right eye that can easily be corrected with glasses. After a year or so I may no longer even need them. Basically, my eyes are fighting each other and need to learn to relax when I focus on something up close. Like reading or driving at night..the longer I'm looking at something the more my eyes fight each other, then comes the blurry vision, eye strain and burning which leads to a headache. Avery told me they make me look like a teacher :) Good thing the temps look like my new frames.

(Again, my daughter is just awesome.)

I guess I have no big entry for this week. We've been homebodies with the potty training process and my eye appointment was my biggest outing this week. I know, I live a wild and crazy life. *shrug*

I'll end with yet another awesome picture of Avery, she was being super sneaky trying to not go to bed last night when I caught her in the hallway wearing one of Evans work hats. "What do you think you are doing out of bed?" I asked her in which she put the hat on her head and raised her head in a matter of fact way and then in the most adorable little bossy way a 3 year old could say. "Mommy, I no go bed! I go work wif daddy, kay!?" So of course I had to do what any good mommy would do....I went and grabbed my phone to take a picture of her.

I know, I know...

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