Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hooray for rainy days!!!

The new year is officially off and running. I've been so busy with getting things back on schedule for Avery and getting the entire family into a routine since being lazy and enjoying free time is becoming a bit over-excessive in my opinion. Avery has been back at MDO and I think she may have missed it more than we did. We're so blessed to have such a wonderful church home where she also gets to go to school at with some sweet friends and amazing teachers.

My monkey girl.

I'm slowly getting used to my glasses, I've loved all the compliments I've received and the only thing I have noticed is when I'm not wearing them, my eyes water a lot. Weird? maybe, but it beats headaches everyday. I've also been down the last 3 days with a pesky cold, started out more sinus related and a raspy voice then hit me hard. Today was the first day since Sunday that I left the house not in jammies. I must say that getting hot tea from the kuerig has been sooo helpful and has made me love this little machine 10x's more than I already did. (THANKS again Mom and Dad)

Other than that life is getting busy yet blissfully the same. Avery and Bailey keep me entertained in the evenings and help the nights fly by since Evan works from 4pm-1am.

Besties: Avery and Bailey

Megan's wedding is coming in April and I am busy with playing hostess for her Bridal shower next weekend and all the Maid of honor tasks that are somewhat popping up everyday. :) I'm excited though, Megan's been waiting for a long time to get this wedding to happen and it's going to be so beautiful!! At least wedding season hasn't freaked me out yet. I only have 3 weddings so far this year and with 20 friends currently pregnant, yes TWENTY!!!! Well...19 since one sweet baby was born this week. I seem to have a TON of baby showers the next few months. Avery and I went to a Sweet friends shower on Saturday and Avery was so good for me. As long as she knew she was going home with a balloon and got a cupcake she didn't complain. ;)


Speaking of babies (No, not pregnant, patience people) I go to my doctor tomorrow to check out everything and go over my medical history and get set up on non OTC prenatal vitamins. We tried last month and this month and if I don't get a positive PT next month we will put baby #2 on hold until May or June and focus on other life events we've been planning for. We're determined not to stress over this or become alarm setting temp checkers as Evan dubs hardcore TTC'ers. Gods got it all lined up for us so whatever happens happens and tomorrows appointment will answer a few fears of mine for our journey back into pregnancy and babyhood.

So there you have it my sweet readers. Life in a update. I promise to blog better I just feel more into my HLC blog these days since comments and followers are kinda dwindling down and I'm also trying to not put so much on FB so this blog can be more fresh and new on the news and life dealings because who wants to reread about something they already know about?

Anyone have anything exciting planned for the weekend?

XOXO- Brittnye

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