Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Mexico, Colorado & NYE Oh My!! Part 3- NYE

So Saturday we woke up bright and early from a few hours sleep in Dumas at I might say, a very nice Holiday Inn express. Since Evan was super sweet and drove the majority of the evening and into the night the day before to get us safely to Dumas (I can no longer drive at night due to my vision, getting glasses next week since he is now convinced I don't want to drive at night just because...) I took the wheel and off we went.

Pretty much a dull day on the road, we had breakfast in Amarillo and the day was BEAUTIFUL. So much so that we pulled off outside of Childress and let Avery play at a playground for an hour to enjoy the sunshine (and wind!).

Once we got to Wichita Falls we stopped for a late lunch and a little shopping at Kohl's. Avery picked out two very cute dresses and a pair of Hello Kitty jammies and proceeded to walk around the store with them hanging behind her back like a little diva. Evan and I thought it was so cute because she was being so girly and the dresses she picked out were fancy. Evan bought 2 shirts and I got a pair of boots. It was fun, especially since I'm usually alone when shopping because all 3 of us together never seems to work so it was an extra treat for me. :)

We got to Denton around 6:30. unpacked, started laundry, thanked my mom for house-sitting and then hopped in the shower while Gary came over to watch Avery for us. We had two parties to attend despite being on the road all day and we were determined to go to both and be home before midnight. Success.

I'll spare the party details but it was nice to semi-dress up, put on some heels and be around people I don't see often enough. The main party was for a friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong, he was back in the states for the holidays so a NYE party seemed fitting for a going away party as well. I've been friends with Daniel for over 13 years. It's always good to see him.

Evan and I had a lot of fun but we're just not as young as we used to be and were home in our jammies by 11:30 and rang in the New Year with Evan playing a game and me doing laundry (we stopped to share a kiss). Such is the life. Ha!


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