Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Mexico, Colorado & NYE. Oh MY! Part 2- Colorado

We didn't get to stay in Colorado nearly as long as we had wanted to but we still had a great time visiting with Evans Aunt Cheryl, Uncle Jim and Cousins Emma and Cal. Evans Grandmother lives with them and we drove her home from New Mexico.

The drive wasn't too bad at all. I drove us the first 3 hours until we stopped for lunch in Albuquerque at this really fun and neat diner called Route 66 Diner.So neat, try one.

After lunch I sat in the back with Avery and we watched several Disney movies and her new Princess and the Pop Star VeggieTale movie. She is seriously a VeggieTale fanatic and we're A-okay with that.
We watched it 4 times in the car to Colorado.

I wish I had taken more pictures but we seriously had a very relaxed and laid back visit. The one thing we did that Avery LOVED was we went to the Denver Zoo and went through their "Zoo Lights". After the zoo closes they re-open later and the entire zoo is covered in beautiful color changing lights through out the entire park. They have hot chocolate and lights for the kids to play with and a few of the animal exhibits stay open like the penguins, giraffes, elephants and hippos. It was really pretty and Cal and Emma were super cute with Avery as they chased after her. We really had a good time. :)

After we went through we meandered in the gift show for awhile where we bought Avery and Cal these neat Tiger light sabers in which Avery quickly challenged Cal to a duel and won. Hehehe

                                                           Such sweet cousins she has.

On Friday it was Evan and I's Anniversary. 6 years!!! Hard to believe that we've been married that long but it's been amazing and even thought we didn't get to celebrate it he still sent me off with the other ladies and we went and got manicures and pedicures something I have not enjoyed in months!
I was a happy momma/wifey.

After my pampering we were back on the road and headed to Texas. We decided not to drive all night with Avery in the car so we reserved a room in Dumas and took our time on the road. We also stopped in Pueblo Co. for our Anniversary dinner at Cracker Barrel where we also celebrated Avery going tee tee and poopie in the potty (it's the little things, I tell ya!) all in all a nice Anniversary. We plan on going away a weekend soon and letting Avery hang out with Nina and Pawpa to officially celebrate.

I might add that my 3yr old was FANTASTIC in the car! She never cried, never struggled, never fussed she was so chill and relaxed in her new booster seat. She literally made the trip worth it. She just kept busy with her dvd player and her leapster explorer (best gifts ever!) and occasionally asked for a book to be read to her or for a snack. SO awesome and I am beyond impressed with her. Just sayin'


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