Sunday, March 22, 2009

pictures of one day

Avery had such a wonderful day. The weather was night today and she spent plenty of time outside enjoying it with us. Here's a few pictures I liked the best out of oh so many taken today!

Avery and her grand dads feet. I think if it was B&W I would frame it in her room...

She loves the feel of the sun on her face, she always looks up to it and the wind when she's outside.

Grand Dad and Avery in the back yard.

She has SOOOOOOO many different faces I'm always finding them while trying to capture her elusive smile, Gary aka- Grand dad took 5 pictures of her today and this was the first shot...THE SMILE!

She sits up on her own now, so chill just sits on the chair or on the couch with us and is content.

This is my new FAVE picture of her. I love it!

We went for a long walk at Eureka, she sat in her stroller for the first time and ended up sleeping for over half the walk. OIY! But, atleast she no longer has to stay in her car seat in the travel system, she actually gets to look around and enjoy the view.

BTW- Last night was sooo much fun, I have blisters on my feet from walking on Henderson Ave in Dallas with our group, yeah I forgot how to walk in heels apparently but it was sooo worth it. I loved the sushi place and even had a apple-tini that was SO good. after sushi we walked down the street to The Pearl Cup, a newly opened coffee shop and had coffee on the patio. I had a mango green tea smoothie, it was so good. After we got back to Denton I picked up Avery and went to iHop to meet Stacy and her sister Becca for coffee and for them to see Avery. It was also Stacy's birthday.

Yeah, I got in around 2am with Avery, She slept the  majority of the time we were with the Chadwell sister. Such a good girl.

None of us went to church, Nan is sick, Evans allergies are horrible, Avery slept til 11am!, Gary was under the weather and I was exhausted so we all slept in then watched Bolt and Twilight and then enjoyed the outdoors since it was so beautiful outside (evan, Avery and I). Very much needed Veg day.

*sigh* does it have to be monday tomorrow?

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