Monday, March 2, 2009

Greetings & Salutations

Hello fellow Bloggers and Blogettes:

Giving this a go along with FB,Myspace,Xanga & LJ....apparently I'm not too preoccupied with Munchkin enough to stop me from my crazy blog addiction.  Although I'm never on LJ, hardly update Xanga and myspace is more for pictures and keeping up with the Jones'. FB, well...that's a different story ::Le-Sigh::

Currently trying to watch the Dark Knight with Evan while Munchkin is asleep, i'm failing at it. Evan forgives me though. :P

while you are checking me out, give Evans AMAZING aunt a looksie!

That woman has a way with words through Gods grace that is astounding and beyond words sometimes, makes you want to be a better witness and to testify more.

Ah, the movie is getting more POW-ey as I like to call it, off I go to hang with the hubby. Thanks for the time, I'll post more interesting posts soon.

Enjoy the pic of munchkin I'll be putting one up with every post, call it the new mommy thing I do.

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