Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mommy moments that I wish could not happen...

My house currently smells like Vicks vapor rub. Avery is sound asleep after yet another rough day. Poor baby, she's had a cough for 4 days now, a cough that we first noticed last Sunday night and brought to her pedi's attention during her 2 month check up. We also brought it up again on Thursday when we went due to her being awake for 40 hours straight and not eating more than 2 ounces at a time due to acid reflux.

Again.....they said it wasn't anything.

So then this weekend Avery got allergies out of nowhere!!! Runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and coughing. We're pretty sure it's due to Evans parents long haired cat, Evan has issues with Matt too and Evans dad was suffering from the weird weather bringing in lots of mountain cedar...soooo glad I don't deal with this.

Ugh, I hate seeing her so miserable.

I've also learned that there isn't much they can do for her at this age for allergies or the common cold and carenow will not see any baby under 3 months...whoo hoo! *sarcasm* So here we are with a humidifier,saline drops, axid (89$ antacid), Vicks baby rub (only on her nightgown collar due to her being under 3 months) and a new soft pillow to elevate her head so she can sleep (which she is doing barely).

I'm exhausted. I'm just on pins and needles over her and barely able to function at work. Yes, indeed, I have entered mommyhood full force.

She makes me so darn happy, how blessed I am. Enjoy the pic of us from yesterday after her belly time/mirror time. Thanks for sticking around for this vent session, hopefully I can go to sleep now and feel human in the morning.

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