Monday, March 30, 2009

*insert pity party title here*

I swear I am by no means a hermit, nor am I using Avery as a cop-out on my social standards but it just seems like since the last half of my pregnancy til now....I have lost touch with about 80% of my friends.

She's 14 weeks old now and I still have friends who have yet to see her!!!! People who were around me all the time when I was pregnant with her and where to be found.

It seems this is my only whiny issue of sorts, I feel guilty but at the same time I feel hurt that people have pretty much just not bothered to call me or see me or ask about her or come see her! I'm aware it's a two way street here, I know I lack in the "return your call" catogory and usually it's due to me being tired or busy with her but now....I almost stare at the phone trying to will it to ring.

I even tried to have a Girls Night Out at the urging of Evan and out of 32 ladies invited....1 RSVP'd......ONE, UNO........if that doesn't hurt you I don't know what would.....

Okay I'm not being negative, just venting. I am about to get crazy busy with our program opening Wed. but I just keep getting these moments of pity and after I get over it, I get annoyed and then crabby so I just needed to vent it.

I am also missing my camera cord so I can't upload the pics from Eureka we took yesterday, bummer. Avery had a great time and grand dad came and took pics of us as a family. Today she sat outside with me as Evan mowed and now has hay fever....ugh, her allergies are so annoying and I feel so stupid for not thinking about her being out there while he was cutting the grass.

Plus side: She is sleeping. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE!
...She's sleeping in her crib!

 That's what you read....she is sleeping in her crib. She took a nap in it sat. for about 2 hours for the first time ever and now she is sleeping in it again, not sure if for the night though, Evan isn't quite ready for her to be in her room alone. *Sigh* I'm ready and so is she....daddy is another story...


  1. It's so true that friendships change after you have a baby. I'd so do a girl's night with you!! :)

  2. You still got me, babe! So that's three for our girls's night!



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