Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days.

I'll get to my challenge blog in a bit but wanted to share some of the craziness of the last 4 days. Being a "Texan" I can tell you that we are known for a lot of things but one thing that we are NOT known for is SNOW....and...ICE.

Since Tuesday we have had several inches of ice put all of North Texas pretty much at a stand still, then last snowed a good 7 inches! Add to it we've been BELOW freezing since tuesday and you get a bad combination.

1. Texans do NOT know how to drive in this stuff. (it's a fact)
2. With the Superbowl being this weekend in Arlington a lot of the areas resources for sanding and de-icing the roads were focused there rather than their own citys needs. I kid you not, the ice hasn't been handled at all.
3. Because of number 2 all schools only went on Monday. That's a record for school closings in a consecutive amount of days!
4. We're expecting more next week.
5. It was 81 last week and sunny.

That's Texas Ya'll.

Evan, Avery and I have been camped out at his parents place since Tuesday evening (our poor cats are in that cold house, I feel so guilty) and have been inside doing nothing pretty-much. How on earth did our pioneer ancestors do it?!

Today though, Evan and I took an offer of a free photo-shoot with an old high school friend on the Denton square. Oddly enough, it was still snowing when we went to do it! I highly recommend her for any of you Dentonites out there. Heather was fun, relaxed, creative and made it hardly seem like we were being photographed at all! Add that we haven't seen her in years and it made for a great hour of conversation, goofiness, coffee and THESE!

Just another perk of moving back to Denton, such wonderful people and places we Love.

Stay Warm America,
Britt & Co.

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  1. Your square pics are adorable! I can't wait for our maternity photo shoot in a few months. It's time for the Gilberts to have some prof. pics done.

    I'm with you... how did our pioneer ancestors do it? Well, they were mending, and churning, and making things, and not to mention whittling. lol... any of those things sound like hobbies you're willing to take? NOT ME!



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