Sunday, February 6, 2011

Day 6-A picture of the person you would like to trade places with for a day

Oh the many, many people that popped into my head for this post. Who would I want to be for a day? I could go in so many directions...a world leader, a celebrity, an animal, a fictional character.....

You can actually google in the phrase "most envied celebrities" and a list pops up...*shakes head* needless to say, I'm not going in that direction.

If I could trade places with someone for a day I would have to say it would be Esther from the Bible. I love any rendition of that story in movie form. But it's one of my favorite books in the Bible.

How she saves her people from Haman.. well the summarized version I can give is that The king of Persia divorced himself from his queen. He was also against Jews. He ordered a search for the most beautiful girl in his kingdom to be found so he could marry her. This was Esther. She was Jewish. Her family asked her not to tell her religion. One of the kings closest advisers was named Haman. He was trying everything possible to get rid of the Jews. He convinced the king to sign a proclamation to kill all the Jews on a certain date. Esther went to him, and asked him to spare her people. He did, and Haman's wickedness was shown to all. Haman died on the gallows he had ordered built to kill Jews.

If you are a romantic then I suggest you watch the movie "One night with the King". But I can dive into Esther and Ruth and Jeremiah and get the same warm and tingles. :)

So yeah, if that counts...I'd say I'd like to see what it was like for her, that struggle with her heart and her a Jewish women and as a new wife (to a non-Jewish King no less).

It was either her or Jane Austen. I'm such a history nerd.

Blessings & Love,

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