Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2- A picture of you with the person you have been closest with the longest

Meet Sara:

Sara and I have been friends since walking past each other in our neighborhood back in 1991. We didn't have a lot of options for friends in the trailor park and took pity on each other I guess. LOL. Sara and I hung out all the time even though in school we were in different spectrums of "coolness". Sara was always there for me though and we always had a good time. I used to stay days on end at her place and vice versa and we used to get into plenty of mischeif together. Later in High School though we sort of drifted apart but whenever I've been in need Sara somehow knew it and was always there for me. I have to say too in all honesty that if it hadn't been for Sara I would never have learned about how to be a girl, my grandma was super old-fashioned and never knew how to help me get into being a girl but Sara filled in all the gaps where they counted. I love her like a sister and my family considers her a part of ours. She was even in my wedding.

I have wayy too much blackmail info on her as well as incriminating photos.

I Love Ya Sara, Thanks for YEARS of friendships.
P.s.- Sorry I ran over your head with my gocart when we were 12.

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