Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cause I'm almost there.....

Avery and I watched the Pincess and the Frog tonight and now I have the music stuck in my head..hence the entry title. Needless to say I also abandoned ship on the whole picture challenge. Life is just too Crazy right now to do it and it didn't seem to appeal to anyone at all so why do it?!

When I say life is crazy right now, I mean life is CAH-RAZY. Blissfully so I should add but it's making time fly by and that's something we don't have a lot of around here! Evan started a job and then ended it by day 1 of orientation....let's just say he was duped. He applied for a "Customer Relations" position with a company in Lake Dallas, he interviewed with HR, passed a background check and was excited to start orientation only to go in and find out it had NOTHING to do with "Customer Relations" nor did it even have anything to do with the company he applied with! It was a bogus vacuum sales company that sold $2500 vacuum cleaners door to door!

It wasn't a happy Evan that day.

He is awaiting a call from Peterbuilt though for a final interview with management. He's already applied, done the logistics test, the mechanical assessment test and now just awaits the final interview to see if they want to hire him on. (Pray for Evan that he gets this job, please!) In the meantime, he is doing pretty much the same thing he'd be doing at peterbuilt for a church friends company. It's the same shift hours too so he's working 4pm-12:30am in Denton. So far it's been the last 4 nights and Avery and I didn't see him for 3 days. Night time routine has been rough since daddy was the one who put Avery down and not mommy and Avery is not liking the change. I guess I don't read her books the way daddy does but we're slowly figuring it out together. :)

I on the other hand, have been split between Denton and Fort Worth (We only have one car right now too, so it's been a mess). I have about 60% of the house packed up with the kitchen, garage our clothes and furniture left plus the house to clean and all by the 3rd of March. We're getting a storage unit this week and should be moving stuff into it when we can. I feel almost overwhelmed, I never knew that little house could have so much "junk" and I warned Evan we have donated a ton of stuff that I just refuse to pack and bring with us to Denton in our new place. Add doing it all alone with Avery running around and you got one frazzled momma. I think Avery understands though because by day two she was helping me sort through stuff and tape up boxes and even going through her toys and saying "byebyes" to a few on her own free will. (so wish I had videotaped it, it was such a precious moment watching her tell her old stuffed animals byebye as she herself put them in the donation box)
And as far as a new place...we still don't have one. With Evan not having a job right now there's no way we can sign a lease to an apartment or house. So...we'll be moving in with his parents temporarily until he gets a job, the kittos (which breaks my heart) will be boarded and we'll be living from our suitcases for a bit.

So that's our life at the moment. Evans working hard to keep us afloat, while I'm getting the house boxed up and ready to move all the while balancing Denton and Fort Worth in equal amounts of time. I may be MIA from blog-world for a week or two when it gets down to crunch time.

Please pray for us. Pray that God puts Evan where he needs to be job wise, Pray that our move goes smoothly and our landlord is fair with our deposit, Pray that the perfect new home in Denton is getting ready for us to make a home in and pray for our patience as we haven't gotten to see each other that much for the next 2 weeks. (lots of trusting going on)

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day. Evan and I are not big fans of this day and don't make a habit of celebrating it but we did take Avery to lunch today and Evan  bought  her a HELLO KITTY doll so she was a happy girl. Her poor allergies are attacking her today and she's had a nasty cough and runny nose so we couldn't go to the park and it took me over 2 hours to get her down tonight since the cough keeps her awake (she's taken benadryl too). Makes me so sad to see her like this, boo to these mommy moments!

Enjoy your week,


  1. I feel for you. Packing always sucks, and I definitely remember going through all the junk. We probably cut our stuff down by about half when we moved.

    It will all work out. Patience and faith! Thank goodness you have each other to lean on, and your families to call on for support. Love you guys, and I'm sending my prayers and happy thoughts your way.

  2. Good luck to Evan with the interview and to you all with moving - that is always stressful, but it's only temporary! You'll be all settled eventually and have a moment to relax then. :)

  3. Also, love the picture in your header.



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