Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 4- A picture of your night

I figured I would show you my early morning yesterday and then pictures of my night. My family got a kick out of me taking pictures for my Blog, they just don't understand my love for it and for my readers. :p

So as I mentioned here in North Texas we've had a week of Snow and Ice. Which yeah we get occassionaly but nothing like this week! Here's a picture of Day 4 when the snow came in..
Yeah that's Campus theatre about 500ft in front of me and you could barely see it, the snow was coming down pretty hard. It's was so beautiful though, I had to go out in it.

Then there was dinner, a real splurge for us since Evan and I treated his parents to Texas Roadhouse. It's been a long time since we've enjoyed such good food and God blessed us with driving to get it and getting back on icy roads safely so you know it was meant to be. (or we're just dumb)

After dinner it was down to the "Night night" routine for Avery which was bath time, dance time, then book time then lights out.

Typical night for us.

After Avery went down I read my book for a few hours before passing out in the chair, so no picture of that but in all it's boring and routine glory, is a glimpse of my night.

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