Sunday, April 26, 2009

weekend update with your!

Currently watching Legend with my sister Desiree. *sigh* 80's movies.......

What a crazy, busy, enjoyable weekend. I had my camera on me at the Art's & Jazz Festival in Denton on Saturday but didn't take a single picture. Ugh. Avery did so well but was way over stimulated and ended up sleeping from 7:12PM until 8:47AM. I literally made myself wake her up I was so freaked out but she was just tired from being out in the sun all day and all the THOUSANDS of people she saw at the festival. She kept giggling at people and I put her in the harness for the first time in months and she had a BALL. So many people commented on her and one frat guy even said because of her he wanted to have a baby.

My sister as many of you know is back in N. Texas with Evan and I for a week or so before she goes back to NC. The plan was to show her the Arts & Jazz Fest and the Germanfest in Muenster but due to the weather today we missed out on the Germanfest. Just us girls this weekend, lots of fun. Minus the GINORMUS bruise on my upper thigh due to her "making" me run into the glass kitchen table at Nan & Gary's.

Poor Evan, Can I just say, I don't know how he does this....

His final model is due tomorrow so this entire weekend was used to finish up the model with all his fellow Archie majors. HE hardly sleeps, just works on his model and doesn't eat or shave, it's like a entire different being takes over my husband. I think he slept at home maybe 2 nights out of last week. Avery and I do everything alone and miss him like crazy, but after tomorrow we get our daddy/hubby back for the next 4 months!!!

I can't wait for the family time we have planned for the summer, so much planned and a lot of it involves staying home and doing house work and then taking mini trips and TONS of pictures. Especially with Avery getting bigger by the day.

Supposed to rain the next 7 days, bad stuff coming in tonight and tomorrow. OH JOY! *sigh* Desi is taking care of Avery tomorrow. Poor thing, her allergies were relentless this weekend and because of which we had to give her lots of tylenol which only drugged her and made her sleep when she wasn't being such a happy baby, she went to bed at 9 tonight and couldn't even wake up enough to see daddy for the first time in 4 days, bless her heart.

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