Thursday, May 7, 2009


I just deleted 20 minutes of a vent blog.

Must think of something else to blog about, everything is always the same with me and I'm sure I bore you oh so dedicated readers with my entries.

Second thought, Avery had a HORRIBLE doctor visit today which resulted in tears, bloodshed, and her sleeping the day away while I ditched work and watched over her like a hawk. She seems to be feeling better, her fever is low and she went to bed about 20 minutes ago. Hopefully for the night but I guess we will see if she gets up.

Evan is done with school, more importantly his design lab!! For the next 4 months my husband will be in bed beside me every night, he will have dinner with me every night, he will help me with Avery every night! He will simply be Daddy and Hubby for the next 4 months until he goes back *grumble*.

What else is going on in my world? hmmm.... OH! I need a job. Yeah I am looking for a new job, like hardcore. So far, I have put in 5 applications and haven't heard anything back but it's been 3 days. I'm not going to go into detail about what's going on at my office but it's truly sad and upsetting to be treated the way myself and co-workers are by my boss. I've been there almost 3 years and have been promised a lot and received nothing. Not to mention I literally pray to get sick or for my boss to not be in the office everyday. I just lay in bed every morning and wonder if I could call in. I dread work and that's so sad!! I was rudely told today to get my priorities straight since I called to tell them  I was staying home with my sick daughter. Um, sorry, last I checked my child is my PRIORITY and it's only the 2nd sick day I have used this year!

Avery is being dedicated at Church on Sunday! I'm so excited, I remember watching the parents do this last year on mothers day and getting so excited. I wasn't showing yet with Avery but I remember just holding my belly and promising her we would do this next year and now here it is! AND on Mother's Day, how perfect!

She's wearing pink head to toe.

However, she'll be rocking the pink sneakers with her fancy dress and head bow...Take that you girly girl moms! :P

Bed time, I'm running out of things to say.

Love to all-

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  1. your poor sweet girl. is she feeling better? what was wrong? and yes, you DEFINITELY need a new job.



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