Sunday, April 5, 2009

If you can't say something nice....don't say nothing at all.

The family at Eureka.

Saturdays seems to be our outdoors day (weather permitting of course). We usually go to Eureka Park in Denton and Walk the entire trail. It's just our little escape from the M-F routine and Avery LOOOOVES being outside, I can honestly say I get a big thrill watching her lift her head to the sun and bask in it with a loud baby sigh, it's the cutest thing ever!

Today the wind made it a bit to breezy for a full walk so we only walked the half mile portion, Avery was super fussy and Evan left her diaper bag and blankie in the car so I ended up carrying her for the last trek of it. She loved being out of her stroller but hated not being able to stop and see every person who passed us or the dogs on the trail.

Along with our walk we usually get a few comments from passing people about Avery and how cute she is or asking how old she is or how we enjoy parenting....we're fine with these little conversations and enjoy (OBVIOUSLY) getting compliments on our beautiful daughter. However, this lady today approached us very casually as I was holding Avery and walking beside Evan who was pushing the stroller when she stopped and said rather rudely "Who's to blame for giving this baby ears so big? She would be a heartbreaker except her ears are too big, she'll be picked on for years to come with that flaw."

*insert gasp here*

Now, I can be honest here, I won't lie. My first reaction was to make a comment on her personality flaw or her physical appearence or the vision of just smacking her in the face came to mind but instead.....

I laughed.

Not only did I laugh but I held Avery close and kissed her ears and told the women "Flaw? God gave her these ears, he knows what he's doing so if she has an issue later in life about her ears I will let her trust his will. Thanks."

Evan stayed quiet until we got around a curve and then turned to me and grabbed me and Avery in a big bear hug. He started laughing and asked me if I had more to say other than my awesome statement then before I could reply he said "I bet you wanted to smack her across the face." Yeah, he knows me and my mind too well. He grabbed Avery from me and kissed her ears as well proclaiming she had not a single flaw and that he loved every inch of her and then asked how she felt about her ears.

Her reply?

A huge grin and sly giggle as she snuggled up to her daddy.

People could learn a lot from Disney movies, take Thumper from Bambi....if that woman had seen that movie she would have learned valuable wisdom from that animated bunny.."If you can't say something nice...don't say nothing at all."

I love her ears.


  1. shut up shut up shut up. how dare her? avery's ears are BEAUTIFUL. ive never thought they were big at all??? what a jerk.



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