Friday, April 10, 2009

She amazes me.

Today, Avery rolled over. *applause*

Of course, this was performed twice at the sitters and not in my presence or her daddy's. Seems we're just not cool enough to be entertained by her milestones. This used to be a fear of mine when the thought of returning to work came but I know she'll share them with me when she's ready.

We tried for over an hour to get her to roll over and she was just not having it. She did however do a first for us which was actually TWO first tonight. She held her own bottle and then she sat up on her hands and giggled at Gus while doing belly time.

Times flying by and moving a little too fast for me sometimes.....we also moved to stage 2 diapers today, they have a bit of room still but the stage 1's are starting to cut into her, she's such a chunk.

BUSY BUSY WEEKEND. Boo on the fires today and a bigger BOO on the forecast of 100% rain and storms for Sunday. *Sigh* I'll post pictures of her in her new Easter outfit though and share them with you guys and gals. Hopefully I can get pics of my family tomorrow at our dinner/ baby shower for my brother and his g/f. Baby Ray will be here soon! I'm so elated to become an Aunt!

Night Loves

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