Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Days are Sleep Inducing.

This is the first picture of little miss Avery Claire..... she has changed so much has she not?!

My sister gave me this picture, I had never seen it until a few days ago. My sister had it in a frame that said "Life can be scary sometimes." I found it fitting as Avery looks frightened in the picture.

Hard to imagine she will be 4 months old on Sunday.

Off to Austin for the weekend. WHOO HOO! I go back to work on Wed too so this is like a mini-vacay for me.

Things to look forward to the next few days:

  • Austin
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Wedding
  • Mangas!!
  • Bluebonnet pics with Avery
  • Sleeping in
  • Spending time with Avery

Question for my ladies:

What type of BC are you currntly using? I'm tired of the pill and thinking over my options. I don't want a IUD like my OB suggested today but I want something that is longer lasting than taking a pill everyday.

I'm thinking about the NuvaRing.....anyone know if it's good?


  1. Here's a good source on BC and which cause or don't cause abortions -

  2. hey i used the ring and i liked it a lot! just once a month, low dose, easy peasy.

  3. hey sorry its marcie. lol that would be a tad strange if it was nathan...



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