Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful November: Days 1-3

It's November already! Last year I succeeded in posting everyday about things I am thankful for and this year I plan on doing it again.

Day 1- I am Thankful for my hometown. There's just so much to say for Little D. Denton truly is an amazing city without the city feel to it. Love raising my girls here.

Day 2- I am Thankful for health. So many friends/ friends of friends have been deeply effected with cancer, accidents, medical issues and other health crisis this year and all I keep thinking is how truly Thankful I am that I have healthy children and how lucky we as a family are that we've only had to battle allergies on occasion. With the exception of my surgery in June and the scariness of not knowing what was wrong with me or what type of mass they removed let alone dealing with the staph infection that my body battled for 4m post partum that lead to the discovery of the mass and some issues from Alyssa's birth. I never felt like I wasn't in control. The entire series of events that lead to the surgery I feel was all Gods way of letting me know I'm human and need to take better care of myself. That being said, it kicked Evan and I in the rear on getting annual checkups, taking vitamins and overall just taking better care of ourselves.

Day 3- I'm Thankful as usual for Paris and Gus being my constant companions and stress relievers. True, they add stress periodically with Paris being too clingy at night when she has to be petted or how she literally takes the majority of my side of the bed with zero remorse or Gus whose bratty jealousy is always made known when he uses the bath tub as his litter box or feels like lying down in the middle of the room and yowling for attention. They are the best kitties ever and our family wouldn't be the same without them.

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