Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thankful: Days 19-30

Thanksgiving is done and December is upon us. I know I'm behind but I really want to finish my "Thankful" list. December will be busy enough.

Day 19: I'm Thankful for volunteering. I find it to be uplifting knowing that the time I donate at the shelter is benefiting the animals. Whether it's helping get them new forever homes or just loving on them to ease the stress of a scary environment. It calms me as well. Love my days at the shelter.

Day 20: I'm Thankful for Evans Job. I won't go into details but starting in January, Evan will be on day shift. Something we've patiently waited and prayed about for a year! We love his job and the company so having him go to days is going to be a added bonus on a number of levels.

Day 21: I'm Thankful for young cousins coming in and visiting from Georgia. The girls loved it too.

Day 22: I'm Thankful for Alyssa's naps. Those two precious quiet times during the day allow me to get stuff done and spend one on one time with Avery. My girls are growing up too fast and I'm finding my sweet moments with them are getting shorter. Replaced by new ones of course but the days of snuggles and cuddles and rocking little bodies to sleep is slowly fading. :(

Day 23: I'm Thankful for books. I know in this day and age people rely on nooks, kindles, iPhones and tablets. For me though,Going to a book store and buying an actual book with pages to flip through in a quiet place is bliss. There's that book smell too that goes along with the escape of a story. I just love it, call me old school.

Day 24: I'm Thankful for our home. I love this place and even though it's no longer fitting our needs and we won't be here but for another year or two, it's my favorite home so far. All the memories here and blessings we've been given since I took that wrong turn and found the dinky "for rent" sign  are priceless. I hope we can just find a bigger house still in this neighborhood.

Day 25: I'm Thankful for comfy pajamas and a cup of hot tea on a cold day.

Day 26: I'm Thankful for the last 13 years with this man. 
Yep, 13. Years. From friends in high school to soul mates. 3 years as friends, 2 as a couple and 8 in marriage. Plenty of Good times and bad. Good health, bad health, the births of our two girls and the sad loss of a baby now in heaven. 2 tiny apartments, a house in a ghetto and now back where it all began for us. Road trips and family vacations, a million inside jokes, countless movie marathons and a few jobs in between. I am beyond Thankful for all of it.

Day 27: After that last topic, I'm Thankful for all the memories.

Day 28: Happy Thanksgiving! I'm Thankful for this holiday; to cook great food and spend a day eating it with family and friends and unwinding from the busy-ness of day to day life.

Day 29: I'm Thankful that my family agrees with me that "Black Friday" is the stupidest thing America has invented.

Day 30: I'm Thankful for Christmas music and sharing the true reason of the season with Avery and Alyssa. Putting up decorations and spending more quality time with them as we make new memories to remember for the next years to come.

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