Saturday, October 29, 2011

Check out my little Ballerina!!

Since I leave in a few hours for North Carolina for the week to be with my newborn niece and my sister I got Avery in her Halloween costume to make sure she was set to go for Monday. She looked too cute for words and she knew it!!!!

Check out my sweet girl. (She looks so grown up, where's my baby!?)

(could you imagine if Avery had a twin, whew!)

She had fun twirling in her tutu for me tonight and I'm so excited she liked being in it. Makes me sad to miss Halloween with her but I know she's in amazing hands (Her Pawpa has assured me she'll have a great night with him) and I know she's going to love being with daddy all week too.

Pray for me, I've never been this far from her or Evan or for this long of time.

Enjoy your weekend and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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