Monday, October 24, 2011

Rangers + Sleeperstar = Awesome night in Texas.

Last night Evan and I set out to the east side of Dallas to the town of Rockwall to watch our oh so amazing friend, Nick, play with the band he's in called Sleeperstar. (You have no reason not to know who they are)Seriously, go check them out on iTunes if you haven't had the pleasure of listening to them! Go on....GO....I'll wait here........

SEE. Now you're hooked, as you should be.

Anywho, we went to the Harbor at Lake Ray Hubbard where they were having their 4th annual "Rock the docks". We parked, walked around the plaza then made our way to the grassy amphitheatre type area where the guys were on stage with the lake, an awesome sunset and slow moving sailboats setting up for one AWESOME backdrop.

The guys played some of the faves in our household and also added a few new songs which were FANTASTIC. Avery had her microphone and bubble gun and was quite entertaining when she wasn't just standing and staring at God-Daddy Nick jamming out on the guitar. She's been a Sleeperstar fan since Life. No joke.

Here are a few pics....

                                          Yeah, which parent do you think she takes after?

The Rangers were also playing game 3 of the WORLD SERIES!!!!!!! WHOOOO HOOO....although they lost in a major and might I add embarrassing way Evan and Avery still proudly wore their love and support for their favorite baseball team. Avery loves her some baseball.

It was so much fun to actually get to take Avery to a Sleeperstar show. I hope the guys do more daytime shows where kids and entire families can enjoy it together. She had such a good time and by the time we got back home she even put herself to bed!! We haven't had a nice family outing (where it's just the 3 of us I mean) in quite a long time!

Avery and the guys from Sleeperstar
Nick, New Guy Geoff, Jake and Chris (Shaun wasn't there due to being busy rocking his photography skills)
When we were in the car driving home she said "They Wike Me, Mommy!"

Hope you got to have a fun weekend like we did. This weather is so perfect for outdoor activities.

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